Reiki: Love – Heart Chakra: Part 4

Are you ready for part 4 of our 7 part mini-course on Reiki energy healing and your chakra energy centers? You are?

Great, let’s go…

Let’s plunge straight into the heart of the matter, for level 4 corresponds to the heart chakra.

Now, this center doesn’t occupy the same position as your physical heart, as you’ve probably already guessed. No, it’s more central.

So, as a rough guide, find your breast bone…got it? Well, your heart chakra lies about half way down, but not on the surface, of course, it’s in the center mass of your body…

As, indeed, are all your energy centers, just in case you’re wondering.

Okay then, let’s get onto the color, it’s green, a beautiful emerald, fresh green, spring grass color.

Which makes it, perhaps, the easiest center to energise – for all you have to do is just walk in nature, and see all the greens…

Yes, that’s right, see the greens. Not look at the greens, actually see them. Usually people just look at nature, but without seeing it anymore. So really…

See the grass, the hills, the plants, the trees.

Then try…lying face down on your lawn, tickling your toes in the grass, growing fresh herbs, keeping pot plants etc, and also…

Wearing the color itself.

Eating your greens works wonders too. No, don’t wrinkle your nose, they really are good for you, honest. They resonate at just the right frequency.

Right then, have you implemented any of the suggestions made in the first 3 parts of this mini-course yet?

If you have, you may have found that you’re beginning to feel a little bit ‘full of yourself’. And this is quite alright…

Yes, really – it’s quite alright – and it’s something that should definitely be encouraged.


Because you’re slowly beginning to fill up with love. And as love is what you actually consist of…this kind of – ‘becoming full of yourself’ – is absolute perfection…


As a tiny aside here – we rather like acronyms. And we have two for the word love.

Why two?

Because love is so vitally important. It really, really is – all there is.

Here are the two acronyms for love:

  • Life’s
  • Only
  • Valuable
  • Experience


  • Life’s
  • Only
  • Valid
  • Expression

And with this filling up comes a desire to share. You begin to overflow.

We started at the beginning (part-1) with the ‘I’ now it’s evolving into ‘we’.

Are you noticing a soft smile is often on your face? Are you feeling content yet…like a cat with the cream? Your life may be getting clearer, happier and more focussed…

If you’ve been following the first three steps, that is.

If you haven’t, that’s quite okay too, there’s no hurry. Take your time…move at your own pace.

In fact to have made the kind of jumps we have been discussing, in the few days of this course, would be highly unusual.

Please allow us this ‘artistic license’ so we can get all the parts of the course to you, in a realistic time frame.

Just remember…

Your mini-course is seven steps whereas your growth lasts a lifetime. Keep all seven parts safe, and refer to them when you feel you are ready.

Okay, let’s continue

What can you do with all this loving energy?

You need to share, care and relate to others. Touch people with your heart, for when you do…

You’ll notice that people become spontaneously drawn to you – chatting at the shops, neighbors wanting to talk with you, animals coming over for a stroke…

Now, this does not mean that life goes all slushy – all huggy, huggy, kissy, kissy.

It means you are confident, happy, focussed and serene…

Radiating a peaceful, loving, uplifting energy.

Shit may still happen of course, but you will react differently…

You’ll recognise it’s more and more the case that it’s “shift” that is happening.

Instead of just reacting to what happens in your life – you will now begin to respond…

You’ll be able to stand back and think to yourself, ‘What would be the loving thing to do right now, for me and for everyone else’.

If a situation is handled with love, the outcome will be for everyone’s highest good.

Using the appropriate Reiki symbols will help to transcend and transmute any negativity around the situation.

It will keep you balanced, focussed and confident.

At this level you will also feel more in tune with the other persons heart and you will just know what to do…

So, trust yourself.

Now, opening up your heart center can feel scary at times, as if you are wide open to attack – and indeed you can be – for a little while…

But don’t worry, you can protect yourself with Reiki.

Phew, that’s a relief, what do I do?

Simply call upon the Reiki healing energy to fill you and surround you with love and protection – for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

What else can you do? Forgive… forgive?

Yes, forgive. Forgive anyone and everyone who wishes you any ill will… imagined or otherwise.

Forgiveness is a kindness we do for ourselves, for in this forgiveness you will see the struggle in others. And then you can bless them.

Bless them for coming into your life, for there are no accidents. They are in your life because you wanted them to be there…


So you can use them as a mirror. A mirror to see, how you don’t want to be.

No, it’s not being judgemental or ‘better than’. It’s merely an observation, and you’ll find more and more that…

As you begin to understand this, you won’t need so much of it in your life anymore. Life will become more tranquil.

However, initially, you may find that…

Energizing the heart chakra can bring up lots of emotional stuff. And we do mean lots.

But that’s okay too. Allow it to come up and out. Don’t push it back down again. Express it.


If you need to grieve – grieve. If you need to feel hurt – feel hurt. If you need to get angry – get angry.

But do it appropriately. Don’t allow your repressed anger to come up and then use it to hurt someone innocent. Go somewhere private, get a stick and beat the heck out of a cushion. Let all that anger, hurt, shame, blame etc, come pouring out and let it go.

Emotion is just energy in motion…allow it to move. Don’t bottle it up tight.

Use the Reiki energy as a healing therapy technique to continually balance yourself and turn any of your negative emotions into positive ones.

Be gentle and loving with yourself.

It can be both rough and beautiful, sunshine and rain, laughter and tears, but most of all…

It will be, just as it should be.

Okay then, that’s enough for today. Next time we’ll move into the area of communication – your throat. You’ll get it in the next couple of days.

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