“The How’s and Why’s of Reiki”

By Erica Rock

Reiki is pronounced Ray-Key and I believe is one of the simplest yet most powerful forms of healing that we have available to us on this planet.

The first part of the word, Rei, means Universal, referring to the spiritual dimension and the soul. The second part, Ki, means “vital life force”. So the word Reiki really means Universal Life Force Energy. It is this energy that is within, and around every living thing. Humans, animals, minerals, plants, everything on this Earth is made up of this energy. It is what keeps us alive and vibrant.

When you have an abundance of Universal Life Force Energy flowing through you, you feel alive and energized. You are in a state of health. When the flow of Life force is diminished, stagnant or blocked you may feel depressed, lethargic and may even begin to develop physical dis-ease in the body. Being attuned to Reiki gives you direct access to this energy in a very powerful way and is an effective preventative tool to keep your mind, body and spirit in a state of balance and optimal health.

Reiki is a very safe energy to work with as it expresses the quality of unconditional love that comes directly from the Divine source. Reiki is not connected to any religion so please call this source what you like, God/Goddess, First Source, Universal Intelligence, the Creator etc. Reiki is different from other hands on healing modalities in that without this attunement you may be channeling energy but it is not Reiki. The attunement process is what differentiates Reiki from other energy healing systems. Reiki flows through you, not out of you, and has an innate intelligence of its own. This means you are not using your own personal energy when doing a Reiki session. You are a unified channel of the Reiki energies.

I have clairvoyantly seen the Reiki energies coming into the top of the head flowing through the entire body, out the palms of both hands and out the bottoms of the feet. It is important to note that when you perform a healing on another person using Reiki energy you are receiving a healing yourself. The energy comes into you–healing you first, and then is passed on to the receiver for their body to absorb and send to where it is needed most. This energy is Divinely guided.

For all the perfectionists out there, the fact that Reiki has an innate intelligence of it’s own may be a challenge. You may wonder how using this energy can possibly be so easy, well it is! The Reiki energy knows where it needs to go and what it needs to do. The job of the practitioner is to set an intention and get out of the way. Setting an intention for the healing can be as simple as, “I am open, ready and willing, to receive and pass on all of the energies that are appropriate for this loved one at this time.” Another may be “Mother, Father God, I am one with you, I am an instrument of your will.” When performing a Reiki session on another person having them state an intention for their healing either out loud or to themselves is important. This demonstrates to the Universe that they are willing to take responsibility for their own healing process.

The art of laying on of hands can be found in every religion across time and throughout all cultures. It is old and ancient. It is a natural instinct to feel compelled to touch someone who is ill, suffering, or in distress, as it conveys love and caring.

Reiki practitioners have direct access to the energies from the Divine force through an initiation called a “Reiki attunement”. Simply put, the Reiki Master performs a ritual linking the recipient’s energy channels with the source of the Reiki Ray. Once you become attuned to this energy it never goes away, you are attuned for life. I will say that you will get out of Reiki what you put into it. The more you work with the energy the stronger you will feel the energy and the greater the miracles you will see in your life and in the lives of others.

The potential health benefits of Reiki are many and here is a minimal list but just to give you an idea:

  • Reduces stress and muscle tension.
  • Promotes relaxation and can help with sleep and insomnia.
  • Strengthens immune function.
  • Eases side effects from chemo and radiation.
  • Activates bodies natural ability to maintain health.
  • Helps alleviate physical pain and discomfort.
  • Reduces recovery time from surgery.
  • Childbirth or other illness.
  • Removes toxins from the body.
  • Clears energy blockages and suppressed emotions.
  • Increases energy levels and feelings of optimism.
  • Compliments traditional medicine and alternative treatments improving results.


reiki attunementFor more information about distance Reiki classes or Erica’s Reiki meditation CD entitled, “Riding the Waves of Reiki,” please e-mail her at Erica@ericarock.com or visit her web site: EricaRock.com.

Erica Rock is certified to teach Usui and Karuna Reiki along with several other healing modalities. She is a natural healer who was always interested in nature, animals, and healing since a child. She currently has a private practice and offers workshops throughout the NorthEast United States. She stays busy with her many passions which include her 100 percent natural Body care products, her Reiki music CD, and a Reiki for Youth program for kids and their parents.

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