Reiki: Intuitive, Knowing, and Focussing – Third Eye Chakra: Part 6

Welcome to the penultimate part of your 7-part mini-course on Reiki energy healing and your chakra energy centers.

Well, we’re really beginning to feel like we’re getting to know each other a little better now.

So, we’d better get on, hadn’t we? We know you don’t like to be kept waiting to learn more about how to direct healing energy…

Right then, off we go…

Previously we have talked about the physical level of life, the material – the down there – the down below kind of stuff.

Now we enter the realms of the spiritual.

Level six is our intuitive, knowing, focussing center. Our all seeing, panoramic vision, surround sound, home entertainment center.

It’s positioned in the middle of our brains…but most people refer to this center as the third-eye chakra and place it on the center of your forehead – just up and between your eyes.

This, of course, is only a symbolic position, but you’ll often see it portrayed like this in many books.

And the color…?

It resonates to that of royal blue/purple.

Eating foods from all colors of the spectrum are good, but preferably high water content – at least 70% – and mostly raw.

Okay then, let’s look a little deeper…

There is a balance that must be acheived here.

A mix between internal and external.

The start of actually beginning to see what has always been there, though you never noticed it before…

Reading the energy, seeing the aura, sensing the person, place, thing etc.

We have always absorbed this sort of energy subconsciously, but now with Reiki energy healing therapy, we can bring it more to the fore – consciously.

But first we need a bit of peace and quiet, and this may take some practice.

Many wise people have said some quite…well, er, wise things.

For example – less is more. Look before you leap. See all, hear all and say nowt (English slang for nothing). All action stems from non-action etc.

And we’re going to practice some of these wise things now, to gain focus and inner silence.

Rule 1. Shut up. Shhh, not a word – it’s not necessary.

Rule 2. Listen. Shhh, not a word, be quiet – it comes as a whisper.

Rule 3. Slow down. Shhh, not a word. Right now there is nothing else you need ‘to do’. Just ‘be’ here, now.

Rule 4. Observe. Shhh, be silent.

Now, look again.

See the colors, movements, shadows, mannerisms, spaces, time, grass grow.

Hear the noise, silence, whispers on the wind, emotion on the breath, your inner voice…

Now you are connecting – the inner with the outer.

If you are a westerner you probably have trouble sitting still. But just taking time out to daydream is great.

When we suggest meditation to people we usually say – start your day just ten minutes earlier than anyone else gets up.

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and just sit in quiet contemplation.

Ponder your thoughts, collect your thoughts, let your thoughts just wander.

Eventually you can increase the time you spend alone in this way to half an hour and then maybe even a full hour.

It will be time well spent…

For your head will begin to empty itself of unnecessary thoughts.

And using the appropriate Reiki symbols and running the energy – just for you – is a beautiful way to start the day. As you do this you could also carry out a self-healing or send energy to your goals. Just…

Allow your imagination to expand your boundaries.

You’ve de-cluttered your life, now you’re de-cluttering your mind.

It helps to do it daily, consciously with Reiki, until it becomes a habit.

So, where are we…

You’ve energized almost all your centers, but have you felt that the more energy you have, the slower you go? Have you also noticed that the less you do the more gets done?

What was so important to you before, is now much less so.

You’ll be able to focus your intention much more sharply without distractions…

You’ll do what you chose to do, because it feels right for you. You’ll feel the power of your intention. You’ll be quiet enough to sense any ‘discomfort’ with your decision, and wise enough to change course if necessary.

Touching base with meditation is great to keep you on course with your original intention, and the nature of who you are. But please, just touch base…

Remember you are a spiritual being already… fully enlightened, and already divine.

So, don’t spend all your time in meditation trying to become what you already are…

Get out and enjoy life physically. It is, after all, why you are here.

If you want to discover more of your latent abilities, run the Reiki instead…

The more regularly you practice running the Reiki, just for you, the more quickly your psychic abilities will develop.

The more you trust yourself and your feelings, the stronger they will become. You will be able to step-up your awareness instantly.

There is so much to be said at this level but it loses most of its meaning in the saying – so we’re not going to say any more…

Check it out yourself – practice, practice, practice – playfully of course, and see what happens. So…

Have fun, chill out and then have some more fun.

And get ready for your final part – part seven, the part that tops it all off…literally.

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This energy healing therapy mini course is written by husband and wife team, Judith & Chris Conroy. To learn more about Reiki, please click > Reiki Master Tuition Cost Information

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