Reiki Tips for Getting You Through the Cold and Flu Season

Here are a few Reiki techniques you might find helpful for getting you and your clients through the cold and flu season. They are provided by Judith and Chris Conway.

Relieve Cold Symptoms

The first three Reiki healing tips will help relieve cold symptoms. For these we use the Distance and Power Symbol:

Draw the Distance Symbol on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow at night, intending that the Reiki energy disperse and dissolve your cold out into the universe.

For sinus or nasal congestion, imagine the Power Symbol on the tips of your fire fingers. Then place them in the bony dimples on either side of each nostril – lean forward and support your head just on the tips of these fingers while intending that a stream of Reiki energy (in the form of either steam or mist) flows gently through your nasal passages, clearing and cleansing as it goes.

For a sinus congested headache, use the same method as the previous but slide your fire fingers up both sides of your nose right to the top so that they naturally come to rest in the inner corners of your eye sockets. You’ll know when you’re in the right place because you may begin to feel a sense of relief in the pressure of your headache and you nose may begin to drain. Hold this position for as long as feels comfortable, while intending the Reiki energy flows gently through.

For Throat and Chest Cold

For soothing your throat try using the Usui Master Symbol. Draw it on a piece of tissue or soft paper and hold it in place on your throat using a cozy, preferably blue, scarf around your neck.

For a chest cold use the Mental/Emotional Symbol on each palm and sit up comfortably with one hand on your heart chakra area. Place your other hand gently resting on your solar plexus. Simply beam the Reiki into your chest, intending that the Reiki sooth, relax and reduce the irritation.

Other Good Tips to Help with Flu and Cold

To help you balance these are also great tips that will help ease the cold and flu discomforts.

A simple hot compress applied to the face is very soothing to those throbbing aches and pains of a blocked sinus, while a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief can provide further relief.

A hot lemon drink with a little honey can help sooth a sore throat whilst giving your body some much-needed vitamin C at the same time. The juice of half a lemon with maybe a couple of teaspoons of honey in a large mug of hot water works well.

A ‘streaming cold’ where the nose and eyes water profusely, can also respond to drinking onion water. Simply dip a slice of onion into a glass of hot water for two seconds. As you go about your day, sip the cooled water at various times until you finish.

Also, a half an onion on the bedside table can also alleviate cold symptoms. During the night its essence is inhaled while you sleep.

The Conways wrote “Radical Reiki – Radical Life,” which will jog your cosmic memory and perhaps launch you onto a new kind of alternative health profession.

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