Horoscopes – Astrology Chart of Robert Downey, Jr.

This remarkable individual is known for two things, his special acting talent and his inability to free himself from drugs. Historically of course, we know that talent and substance abuse are not mutually exclusive. Astrology tells us that it can be the same influences in the chart which reflect both of these qualities.

Both film-making and drug addiction are ruled by Neptune. In Robert Downey, Jr.’s astology chart we see evidence of an extremely conflicted Neptune and other, corresponding Neptunian factors.

To begin with Neptune in the 4th house in Scorpio opposes the Moon in Taurus in the 10th house. The 10th house influence demonstrates the extremely public nature of Robert’s difficulties with drugs while also telling us of his rise to fame. The Moon is about our emotional roots, home, that which makes us feel cocooned and safe. Here we see the exposure to drugs in childhood (also shown by having Neptune in the Moon’s house – the 4th). So, his connection with both drugs and acting have been present and been symbols of familiarity and safety since he was a young boy. All by itself, this aspect makes the addiction easy to understand. This is a comfort area, where he feels nurtured and loved. In an interview, he describes his relationship to cocaine as “a really sick love affair”. Oppositions in a chart frequently describe a focus on relationships, and here we see this in action. The substance is personified as the lover, the one who cares.

The other Neptunian influence as seen in Robert’s astrology chart is his Piscean planets in the 8th house. Chiron tells us that this is his weak spot, his vulnerability (big surprise, huh?). Saturn speaks of his need to gain mastery in this area, to learn to not be ruled by it. We also see that the whole thing comes from a very deep place in the psyche, and like many 8th house matters, involves self-sabotage. Saturn is opposed by his Mars/Uranus conjunction in Virgo, connoting poor impulse control and a rebellious instinct that goes beyond what most of us could even conceive.

On the upside we are shown how these identical aspects contribute to his remarkable talent. The Mars/Uranus conjunction has a marvelous sense of comedic timing, along with incredible energy especially in the sign of Virgo. His Piscean planets in the 8th house are about his ability to draw upon the collective consciousness of humanity in order to bring forth the various personalities and characters he plays.

The South Node in Sagittarius in the 5th house is another statement about the lack of impulse control. This position tells us of his mastery of intuitive actions, a mastery which is not truly relevant to this lifetime’s needs and requirements. Instead, his 11th house North Node in Gemini states that he needs to learn to get his facts together, research his subjects and really use his mental faculties. He is not a really good communicator, even though he is capable of spouting words at a mind-boggling rate. Perhaps this is also a connection to the cocaine. But simply expressing himself, stating his own truth with clarity and sincerity, is probably the most healing action he can take. In his various rehab treatments I’m sure he gets plenty of exposure to this activity, though how much he practices it in daily life would determine how conscious he could tolerate being.

The yod to his Neptune is of note. Formed by the North Node, the Moon and Mercury, we see that he is being guided to a more spiritual expression of the Neptunian energy in his chart. I read that while in prison, he was doing some drug counseling of other inmates which is a marvelous expression of this pattern. With the Neptune, Pisces and Virgo qualities of the chart, providing a service to others is likely a type of salvation. Hopefully, he will find more ways of expressing this type of helpful energy.

Summary of Robert Downey Jr.’s Astrology Chart: The same qualities which mark Robert Downey Jr. as a major talent in today’s world are the ones that classify him as a chronic drug abuser. This powerful addiction shows up as a type of security blanket, and could contribute to a need to communicate more deeply and with greater effectiveness.

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