Horoscopes – Saddam Hussein Astrology Chart

I had to do a reading of this chart, from a sense of fascination and curiosity about the motivations of Saddam Hussein. Then, looking at the astrology chart, it gets pretty spooky. Much of the picture is demonstrated in Hussein’s 11th house. This is where his Sun, Uranus and Mercury reside, in the sign of Taurus. There are several notable positions involved here. Uranus is “at home” in this house giving it additional power, but in this sign, has the potential for obstinacy. Uranus is conjunct the Sun in Taurus, emphasizing the need for personal security. This need is apparently emphasized to the point of fanaticism, a trait which Uranus is known for.

His Sun/Uranus conjunction forms an aspect called an inconjunct to his Moon/Mars conjunction in the 5th house. This is where it starts to get scarey. An inconjunct can be an illusory aspect, creating ideas and feelings that have no basis in reality. The Mars/Moon conjunction indicate a tendency towards emotional violence, anger at one’s own roots or family, and in Sagittarius, there are no real limitations to this. So, we have this tendency toward violence to his own land, family, people, etc, combined with a hallucinatory image of their aggression towards him. This is coupled with the driving need for personal security which absolutely must not be threatened.

Neptune on the nadir (the 4th house cusp) tells us about the absentee nature of his father and the terrific confusion about father figures in general. Being an authority figure is completely misunderstood by Saddam, with some very peculiar ideas about what this entails. The ruthlessness of his rise to power and the complete lack of mercy shown, is demonstrated by Saturn in Aries in the 10th house. Saturn squares his Cancer ascendant, indicating that there is a sense of disassociation in his activities as a leader. It is also an indication that he could sufficiently disassociate from his actions to the point that it would be more important to preserve his authority than it would be to preserve his life.

The Chiron/South Node conjunction in the 12th house of Saddam Hussein’s astrology chart speaks of the possibility of paranoid schizophrenia. It would be very easy for him to assume that “they are all against him”, and the position of his Saturn reinforces this. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is found in his obsessive 11th house. If this man doesn’t hear voices in his head, I would be very surprised. His intelligence is high, and his mind moves at a rapid rate. Like many people with this high-speed, high-level of intelligence, a negative feedback loop can take over. There cannot be adequate feedback at a high enough level or fast enough pace to provide a reality check. So, there are likely a number of inner dialogues occurring to provide feedback.

As if all of this weren’t enough, Pluto sitting on the cusp of his 2nd house, creates an even stronger paranoia. It’s likely that this reinforces the idea that other’s are out to take away what he perceives as his. The awkward part of this is that this is tied up with his sense of personal identity. Who he believes himself to be is inextricably intertwined with what he sees as belonging to him. This can include material possessions, position, reputation, etc.

Summary of Saddam Hussein’s Astology Chart: Saddam Hussein’s horoscope is just as spooky as we might suspect. There are multiple indications of mental instability in the form of paranoia and violence. The intensity of his ruthlessness is demonstrated through a sense of disassociation from his own actions. The willingness to destroy even that which is closest to him, probably has its roots in domestic violence as a child. However, all of his mental instability cannot be attributed to his family conditions in childhood. This individual is completely unstable and very dangerous.

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