Using Bach Flowers for Children’s Health and Wellness

I don’t remember my mom knowing about or using flower remedies with us kids. However I do remember taking cod liver oil and the huge multivitamin that left red dye onto my palm. What I remember about taking supplements of any sort is that most tasted terrible, so if you are a good mom-and I know you are- put your concoction of Bach flowers for children into a glass of water so they can down it in one gulp!

Flower essences for children as remedies go back in time when the only thing a mother had to make you feel better were an herbal poultice for topical problems and teas for internal ailments. They worked, too. A strong comfrey poultice will draw out the infection of a wounded knee and speed healing, and even Peter Rabbit’s mother knew to use chamomile tea when Peter came home traumatized from Mr. MacGregor’s garden.

Children’s flower remedies are made up as follows; just add six to eight drops of the flower essence of your choice, depending on the problem, with ten drops of rescue remedy. Shake well and use an eyedropper to add around four drops to a six ounce glass of water. Rescue remedy can be purchased at any co-op or directly from Bach remedies and is a wonderful base for your particular blend. In fact, if your child is nervous before an event, two to three drops straight from the bottle under the tongue works wonders. I use it all the time before interviews. Mix it with the Bach essence of your choice and watch how fast it works.

Now for the fun part; which flower essence do you use for what ailment? If your child suffers from sleep terrors or nightmares, try mixing 6-8 drops of Aspen in a glass of water and give it to your child right before bedtime. (Not too much water!)

Is your child being bullied and bossed around at school? Centaury helps restore confidence, and for those little darlings who throw tantrums in the middle of the grocery store, I’d recommend a dose of Cherry Plum (too bad my mom didn’t know about Bachs remedies.) You’ve heard that fish is brain food, right? Add a little Chestnut Bud flower essence to junior’s tuna sandwich if he is having trouble focusing at school. It stimulates the memory area of the brain.

Clematis and Holly are both calming, soothing flower essences, and can be good for sibling rivalry and accident prone kids, and if they are babies who are teething, try Walnut essence.

Bach’s Remedies can provide a much more comprehensive list of what flower essence works for which ailment. I do know that flower essences work, and you can’t beat the price.

Here is our preferred resource to order Rescue Remedy, and other Bach flower essences online, including Children’s Flower Remedies.

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