Horoscopes – Astrology Chart for Susan Sarandon

The birth data for this horoscope interpretation is from Celebrity AstroSearch Database. You may view the chart referred to here.

Ms. Sarandon’s astrology chart has several interesting factors that explain her reputation as an iconoclast and also a superior artist. As we’ve become used to seeing with film stars, she has the Neptune/Sun conjunction. Since Neptune rules images and dreams, this is very appropriate. And as many have noticed, Susan has the eternal “stars in her eyes”, giving the ethereal and dreamy look which contributes so much to her beauty. The smoky sensuality which has captivated her audiences is explained in part by the presence of this astrological pairing in the 8th house of sex.

As a Libran, Susan is probably argumentative (in a very nice way) on a regular basis. Family, friends and co-workers are likely familiar with her contrary moods, so typical of the Libran, in which practically every comment made must be countered by her. With such a planetary emphasis in Libra, her need for justice is strong, as evidenced by her social activism since her teenage years.

The ruler of Libra, Venus, is found at the top of her chart in the sign of Scorpio. This indicates that her sexual charisma tends to “shine down from the heavens” and that inevitably, it has a strong impact on her career. Since Venus, as the ruler of her Sun is positioned in her 10th house, this shows a greater strength than we normally expect from Venusians. She is far less of the frail, feminine flower and more of the tough-minded, practical sort. This is born out by the presence of her Moon in Capricorn and Capricorn ascendant. Capricorn is the natural sign of the 10th house and this position shows that ambition was bred into her at an early age. Although her mother had a great deal to do with this drive toward ambition, something about this was considered unacceptable in childhood. This sort of mixed message isn’t uncommon, though the child growing up with it, may find themselves feeling oddly shamed by their emotional needs. The emotional need manifested here is that for public respect.

The ruler of the 10th house and Capricorn, Saturn, is found in the 7th house snuggled up to Pluto in Susan’s astrology chart. This pairing is often known as “bad news twins” in astrology, since neither one is particularly forgiving of human frailty. This combination refers to Susan’s parterships, both business and personal. Although this combination may manifest in somewhat different forms for various individuals, it is likely that Susan is attracted to powerful individuals who will make her feel that they can take care of her. This is a common, but often hidden desire of the Libran and in this case it seems that it’s something she’s destined to grow out of. Harsh lessons of manipulation and control trips may litter her past in both personal and professional matters. As a sidenote, it is likely that Ms. Sarandon will continue to achieve professional standing well into her advanced years if she so chooses. Such is the nature of Saturn and Capricorn.

Uranus and the North Node indicate what she projects creatively. Known for her parts as characters who are breaking free of a cultural mold, this is classic of the Uranian requirement for futuristic thinking. The efforts of the North Node to master a new life lesson are beautifully depicted in films such as “Thelma and Louise”.

A need for travel and to broaden her philosophical horizons is reflected by the number of planets in her 9th house. Jupiter is one of these planets, and as the natural ruler of the 9th house, it’s power is strengthened. There is a strong craving for space and freedom evidenced here, and she may even have an issue with claustrophobia.

Summary of Susan Sarandon’s Astrology Chart and Horoscoope: Ms. Sarandon’s strength and fortitude are well documented in her astrology chart. It seems that life has been an ongoing lesson of taking control of her own destiny in ways not normally required of most Librans. She will probably continue to be in the limelight well into old age.

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