Horoscopes – Astrology Chart for William Shatner

The birth data for this horoscope interpretation is from Celebrity AstroSearch Database. You may view the chart referred to here.

The key components of William Shatner’s astrology chart are an Aries Sun, Taurus Moon and Aquarius rising. His physical appearance is demonstrated by Aquarius rising, which is often shorter, and stocky. The quantity of Aries energy is typical for male pattern baldness.

Bill has 3 planets in Aries plus the North Node. These planets are the Sun, Mercuy and Uranus. Although these planets are widely spread apart, they still create an additional burst of energy to the sign. The films and books Mr. Shatner has been involved with demonstrate this Aries energy quite well. As the man who epitomizes the phrase “Go where no man has gone before,” he is a living example of the Airies pioneer spirit. Adventure roles as a police officer also symbolize an Aries career choice, and his books also show this direction.

The pattern in the chart of an Aries/Aquarius blend is quite interesting. Bill has Uranus in Aries. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. The ascendent is in Aquarius. The ascendent begins the natural house of Aries. This Aquarian “flavor” talks about futuristic visions and a dream of bringing them into the present.

The fact that William moved so easily into writing is shown by the strong emphasis in his 3rd house of communication and writing. He may have strong bonds with siblings which is also indicated by this house. He continues to express himself with science fiction, well represented by Uranus in the 3rd house.

The legendary disputes with several of his fellow cast members is understandable with his intense Aries emphasis. Aries is the opposite sign of co-operative Libra, and frequently makes enemies. Often this is due the “me first” nature of the sign and the fact that sensitivity to other’s feelings is not always the highest priority. Aries represents ego, and a strong emphasis on this sign can cause one to appear excessively egotistic. There is also a tendency towards combativeness which even if not openly demonstrated, others may easily sense.

All of this fire energy contributes to Bill’s warmth and charm. He is a special and unique individual even if he does think so, and has contibuted a great deal to our Western culture.

Summary: Bill Shatner’s astrology chart is typified by his strong Aries energy. This makes him energetic, warm and sometimes arrogant. His Uranian energy demonstrates his natural expression of futuristic visions and ideals.

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