Horoscopes – Astrology Chart for Bill Gates

An astrological quote is “If you’re going to do business with a Scorpio, expect to get screwed.” Yes, this is a generality, but I simply couldn’t resist since we are looking at Bill Gates and his astrology chart. The fact is since this is such a powerful chart, based to such a large degree on the manipulation of others, this quote may be quite appropo.

When looking at Bill Gates’ Astrology Chart the eye naturally moves to the Nadir of the chart, to the 6 planet stellium. This tells us what powerful roots Bill came from and what was expected of him. In Libra there are Mars, Mercury and Neptune. Next, in Scorpio, we have the Sun, Venus and Saturn. With such an intense blending of energy, it is best to find the mid-point of the grouping, to better understand its essence. That point is the 0 degree of Scorpio. This squares Uranus in the 1st house. The first degree of any sign is most powerful in the purity of that sign’s expression and often, in its power. Scorpio has to do with money and resources, whether its inherited, invested or shared.

Scorpio will use whatever is at hand in order to achieve its purposes. This is the power of its will. This grouping of planets around the Nadir tell us that Bill used the power of his family extensively, though perhaps not always consciously. There are a couple of places in the chart that say Bill has just been carrying on the family tradition. The Moon at the top of the chart is the other one. Together, we have a lively little T-square, provoking a significant reaction. Uranus makes him physically unassuming, almost androgenous in his appearance. It represents his fascination with high-tech, futuristic, technologies. His moon is in the sign of the pioneer, Aries. His emotional response to stimuli is competitive, either defensive or offensive. This is how he was raised to be, it’s basic to his family conditioning.

Another perspective on this speaks of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in the second house in Bill Gates’ astrology chart. This is another powerful aspect, which can overwhelm many people. ‘Power” as a life energy is large here beyond the usual scope of human consciousness. What is very apparent about Bill Gates is that he gathered power and then he used it. His resourcefulness, the instinctive ability to gravitate towards upcoming trends are manifestations of this power.

The factor in the chart which tends to alienate people is probably the South Node in the 11th house in Gemini. This is a very fact-based belief system, narrow in scope and predicated on a materialistic world view that can easily collapse. It tends to not “hear” people, to not really listen to what others are saying. This can be extremely aggravating. It has the quality of appearing to be exceptionally arrogant, though that may or may not be the conscious intention.

Overall, this is a picture of a highly focused individual, whose primary goal in this life was to carry on some form of the family tradition, as well as to create new traditions of his own. A larger than life character, he has created a massive infrastructure based on the relationships in his life. In my opinion, this is how he’s managed to balance out his T-square. By filling in the missing leg of the cross, his focus is in making strategic alliances and the best use of his partners.

Summary of Bill Gates’ Astrology Chart: This is an exceptional chart which could be considered mythic in its power. With the impulsion to carry on the family tradition, this has inspired motivation to succeed beyond anyone’s expectations. The tendency to use others is very pronounced and an inability to really listen to others is a stumbling block.

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