Horoscopes – Stephen King Astrology Chart

Stephen King’s astrology chart confirms a suspicion of mine about horror writers, that they have some sort of an exceptional lunar influence. Anyone who has fully experienced Halloween knows how spooky the moon can really be.

Stephen’s chart pattern is the bowl, wherein all the planets are contained within 180 degrees of each other. This means that he is a self-contained individual, quite tolerant of his own company and able to keep himself entertained. This is important for this most solitary of occupations, the writer.

The Sagittarian moon is the leading edge of the bowl, telling us that this is the energy that propels his destiny, that moves him around the wheel of life. Since the planets move in a counter-clockwise direction around the chart, this is our indication. Additionally, the Moon is the ruler of his ascendent in Cancer, informing us that this is his spiritual guide, or Higher Self, directing him towards his highest goals.

Mars in Cancer says a lot about the business of “horrorfication”. The 12th house is the spookiest, scariest house in the chart, where all of our ghosts and demons live. Imagination can run rampant here, and Mars will ensure that there’s plenty of blood and guts to give it color. 12th house planets tell us of personality traits that were considered unacceptable by adults during our childhood. We have stuffed these traits into the 12th house of “secret things” where they must express in unconventional ways. Being raised primarily by women, it would not be surprising if basic testosterone instincts were frowned upon in Stephen’s childhood. He certainly found a unique way of expressing them, didn’t he?

The Pluto/Saturn conjunction in the first house is very dark. In combination with the 12th house Mars and all the lunar energy, in another person I would have to determine them as terribly depressive and possibly suicidal. As is so often the case though, a celebrity tends to use their chart to the max, squeezing every bit of energy from it. Evidently this is what Stephen has done, truly making the most of the cards he was dealt. He has made this Pluto/Saturn energy as shown in his astrology chart profitable instead of depressing. Good choice, Stephen!

Stephen’s Sun/Uranus square explains what a prolific writer he is. With both planets in signs of Mercury, he probably has story ideas going on his head constantly. This configuration could be likened to plugging your finger into a light socket mentally, it is unlikely that his mind ever turns off. The Virgo Sun is another factor which makes it possible for him to spend the necessary time alone, being the Hermit in the tarot.

Summary of Stephen King Astrology Chart: As is often the case with people in the horror biz, Stephen’s chart shows him to be a warm and kind individual, with an exceptional sense of humor. With a lightening quick mind and very creative imagination, it is no wonder that he is the highest paid writer of all time.

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