Horoscopes – Astrology Chart forJohn F. Kennedy, Jr.

At the time of this writing, 3:30 pm MST, no solid indication of death has been reported in the news, though each chart shows serious challenges, at the very least.

In each of the astrology charts that I’ve calculated for John F. Kennedy Jr., the Moon is the most prominent factor. The Moon in a chart talks about family, familial connections and our roots. In the secondary progression chart, the type of chart most likely to define specific events for an individual, the Moon is at the top of the chart. This indicates public recognition of the family, and high visibility of one’s past. Additionally, aspects from Mars are in a harmonious position to Pluto and in opposition to Mercury. One interpretation of this could be that a “go-ahead” (Mars) was communicated (Mercury), in error, or that a communication on this subject was misunderstood or disregarded.

A rather “spooky” indicator in both charts is the conjunction of the North Node to the planet Pluto. Pluto is the energy of death or at least, significant transformation. The North Node talks about our life’s mission. John came most prominently into the public eye at the time of his father’s funeral. At this time, he has a similar aspect to what Princess Di had at the time of her death, Pluto square Pluto. This could be read as John coming most highly into public recognition as the result of death or at least, death implications. It also shows that these death implications make him very representative and symbolic, almost an archetype of the nature of his family.

Current transits (the planets where they are right now) show a stressful aspect between the planet Mars and Jupiter. This can indicate a tendency to take unnecessary risks, also that there is a possibility of sudden impact. The harmonious aspect to Pluto can simply mean that the destined energy flows very smoothly, but not that it would necessarily have a constructive outcome.

Another noteworthy aspect pattern begins with a right angle (a square aspect) from Saturn to Uranus. This is typically resistance to authority. Saturn also opposes John’s Mercury (communication). This pattern is called a T-square. This means that 2 planetary factors are opposing each other, while a 3rd forms a right angle to them both. The energy naturally wants to be balanced, so it will seek out a 4th corner. In John’s case, this corner is occupied by the North Node in the 12th house, indicating a destiny which takes place beyond the physical plane of existence. The 12th house is the wateriest of all the houses. I interpret this as disregard of weather warnings from the designated authority.

It is very likely that John’s death will have a strong public influence as demonstrated in each chart. Whether this is actual death or only a near-death experience, the repercussions will likely continue for quite some time.

Summary of John F. Kennedy Jr. Astrology Chart: All indications are that John made his transition during this aircraft accident and that his death was by impact. It appears that some sort of warning was given, but he continued flying in spite of this. Both air and water elements are very strong in the charts, showing the consequences of his disregard. The public consequences of this accident will probably reverberate very strongly for quite some time.

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