Horoscopes – Astrology Chart of Adolf Hitler

The astrology chart of Adolf Hitler is one that provokes a lot of interest, as people try to work out the motivations of this individual. When we’re looking for someone’s motivations, we have to examine Mars in the chart and the conditions surrounding it. Adolph Hitler’s Mars is conjunct his Venus in Taurus in the 7th house. This pattern shows up in several areas of the chart, a blending of the Mars and Venus energy. The rule of thumb in astrology is that the planet further away from the Sun has the stronger influence in the chart. The exception to this is, of course, the Sun itself. So, Mars has the power in this blending and it modifies the nature of Venus.

Ordinarily, Venus in the 7th house or Libra rising, tells us that the individual wants to find harmony in the environment, to get along with others and to negotiate differences. As you can see, this basic Venus energy was skewed, twisted into an unrecognizable shape. Mars entered into the equation, asserting force and aggression into the situation. So, instead of the passive, receptive nature of Venus, we see the harsh and uncompromising nature of Mars eliminating the “inharmonious elements” of society.

By itself though, this isn’t enough. Venus/Mars patterns happen with frequency, even such exaggerated ones as this. What I must have answered for myself, is what in the world was going on with this man’s heart, with his soul? To begin with, we must look at the condition of his Moon, to see where his roots are, who is mother was and his emotional state. He has the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn, opposing Chiron. Capricorn isn’t a nice place for a moon, being somewhat cold and calculating. Having it conjunct Jupiter emphasizes the “dryness” of this position, telling us that there is little “juice” or heart involved. The 3rd house is also known as the house of perception, so we must question the quality of his perception, i.e., was he seeing what was actually before him?

Skipping over to the 12th house Uranus in Adolf Hitler’s horoscope chart, we see the probable source of his insanity. It isn’t uncommon for people with a 12th house Uranus to be committed for mental instability. What has occurred is that the dividing line between the conscious mind and other levels of mind has become blurred. This can manifest in a variety of ways. What appears to have happened in this instance, is that Hitler was a sensitive, someone whose intuition or psychic abilities were very open. Evidently he heard something he couldn’t deal with, voices perhaps or just the sheer numbers of his countrymen. There is a T-square aspect between his Uranus and the Moon’s nodes. This is an unbalanced aspect, which can create severe subjective stress. There is a craving to balance this energy. The balance point for his T-square is in Aries, in the 6th house. This could manifest as putting a lot of energy into violence or “extermination”. The natural fastidiousness of the 6th house was turned around, twisted, into a belief that the way to create harmony was to eliminate dissension. Literally, eliminate.

His Neptune/Pluto conjunction in the 8th house is another indication of twisted perception. Pluto in the 8th house ordinarily would have the capability of being able to see beneath the surface, to understand hidden motivations of others. Neptune conjunct Pluto in this house can easily substitute what one wants to see with what is actually there. Like looking through water, certain elements may be exaggerated and others may disappear entirely.

Saturn in Leo in the 10th house is determined to achieve public acclaim. Hitler was initially perceived as a buffoon, before he gained his following. The buffoon is a lower expression of Leo. As he increased his level of confidence, he was able to utilize the natural abilities contained in his 3rd house Moon/Jupiter conjunction. He could sway the public from emotional considerations. His power of emotional communication came through in this way, increasing as his self-confidence increased. This combined with his perception of public motivations from the 8th house, and a hypnotic combination was revealed.

Summary of Adolf Hiltler’s Horoscope Astrology Chart: Hitler’s mental stability is in question throughout his chart. Also, he had a peculiar craving to improve human relationships by violently removing what he perceived as a barrier to these relationships. His hypnotic abilities to persuade large masses of people come from several different sources in the chart. Although emotionally he was very unfeeling, he was capable of provoking powerful emotions in others.

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