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I’ve been fascinated by Cher’s astrology chart for years. It has several unique and interesting characteristics which make it an excellent learning tool as well as provoking insights into an intriguing individual. I’ll touch on as many of the salient points as possible in this column.

The chart revolves around the Saturn/Moon opposition. As the central part of the horoscope pattern known as the “bucket”, this has great strength. In the bucket pattern, the majority of the chart hangs off of one planet which is the “handle”, in this case the Moon in Capricorn. Interestingly, Saturn and the Moon are in mutual reception. This means that Saturn is in the sign that the Moon rules, Cancer, and the Moon is in the sign that Saturn rules, Capricorn. Planets in mutual reception are strengthened in power in the chart as well. Then we look at the fact that the ruler of the chart (the ruler of the ascendant) is also the Moon. What does this poor little Moon that has the weight of the world hanging off of it represent? Ok, now don’t laugh…Mom, home, roots, domesticity and the emotional nature. Yep, this is what Cher is all about. What makes this unique is that all Moms are not created equal. Some moms, those who show up in their kid’s charts as Capricorn Moons are often hard-nosed, ambitious, pragmatic, overly cautious, paranoid, stoic, cold, embittered… do we get the picture here? This particular lunar energy is motivated to succeed, to achieve, no matter what the obstacles, failures or limitations. Why? Because Mom said this was what had to happen. There’s something else here as well which shows up elsewhere in the chart. The Moon is placed in the 7th house of partnerships, indicating that she is accustomed to assuming a strong male role in these matters and not expecting traditional support.

Cher’s strong will and determination are shown in her Mars/Pluto conjunction. Like the Phoenix, it is her destiny to be fried to a crisp, losing everything, and then rising again from the ashes. This is how she keeps coming back, succeeding well past the expectations of those around her, time and again. Whatever we may see on the outside, her inner resourcefulness is, for all practical purposes, infinite. This is an extremely sexy aspect as well, able to be projected to the outside world as a powerful charisma, with hypnotic capabilities. In her second house, it shows a powerful personal priority system, one in which she has to consciously re-evaluate her principles, allegiances and/or value system in order to fit her personal evolution as a human being.

Cher’s 4th house repeats the lunar emphasis, being ruled by the moon. The presence of Jupiter in this house tells us that she is dominated by her roots, and that the nurturing qualities of hearth and home are a powerful need. Chiron and Neptune in this house speak of early wounding, or even heartbreak, making it necessary to find her healing on her own, from within. A nice addendum to all this lunar energy is that Cher probably has made a pretty terrific mother. No doubt she rehearsed for the role since her own childhood, planning what she would do in various mother/child situations. This doesn’t necessarily make her a perfect mother, but perhaps an exceptionally conscious one.

As seen in Cher’s astrological chart the aspects in the 12th house holds treasures of its own. The presence of the North Node in here tells us that part of her job in this lifetime is to find effective ways of dealing with karma. As it conjuncts Venus in Gemini, we see her making an art of communication, bringing beauty into the sharing of ideas and being a messenger to the rest of humanity. Uranus in this house shows that she is a channel of some sort, showing us the future. Cher has always been a harbinger of what is to come, since her earliest days in show business. Uranus in the 12th house has a very thin veil between one’s own thoughts and the thoughts of the masses. Cher exemplifies a constructive use of this energy by projecting the unconscious thoughts and needs of the masses through her art, rather than being plagued by having all of these impressions being incoming.

The Uranian quality of Cher’s nature is shown again by the presence of the Sun and Mercury in the 11th house, the house ruled by Uranus. This makes her a somewhat atypical Taurus, since there is a natural opposition in effect here. However, the Sun/Moon trine makes for a well integrated personality, and ensures that overall, a comfortable life is always available to her if that is what she chooses for herself. The need for challenges may prohibit that choice, but it is there.

Summary of Cher’s Astrology Chart: Her chart is dominated by the influence of her mother, early upbringing and home. This reinforced a strong drive towards success and achievement. Although the chart is unique, it shows a well integrated personality, one with an indomitable spirit and powerful personal resources. She will always have the ability to ultimately come out on top.

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