Horoscopes – Mel Gibson’s Astrology Chart

Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson was born a steady, ambitious Capricorn man on January 3, 1956 in Peekskill, New York, and later emigrated to Australia in 1968 with his parents. As befits a Capricorn, Gibson has climbed to the top from fairly humble beginnings, rocketing to fame in 1980 as the post- apocalyptic hero of director George Miller’s cult classic Mad Max, and going on to star in and direct a slew of blockbuster films. But this handsome, funny, immensely likable movie star has shunned the Hollywood lifestyle, and his reverent attitude toward his family and marriage is anything but typical in Tinsel Town.

Someone to Lean On

With that solid Capricorn Sun located on the threshold of his Seventh House of partners in Gibson’s astrology chart shows he takes his commitments seriously and is willing to work hard to make his marriage last. He has been happily married to Robyn Moore for more than twenty years, and they just recently added a seventh child to their large and happy brood. When asked what he considers his biggest achievement, he immediately responds, “My kids,” and has made it quite clear in numerous interviews that for him, family is everything.

The First House of an astrological chart indicates physical traits and outer personality, and Gibson has the planet Uranus placed there in the sign of Leo, accounting for his electric blue eyes, commanding presence and widespread sex appeal; but that is only part of the story. Though the sign Leo occupies part of this First House, the sign of Cancer was actually on the eastern horizon, or Ascendant, when he was born. Typical of Cancer rising, Gibson is nurturing, sensitive, intuitive and fond of spending cozy nights at home rather than attending glittering parties or carousing on the town. Like its symbol the crab, Cancer is also known for being devoted and protective, and Gibson has repeatedly refused to discuss his family, shielding them determinedly from paparazzi and prying reporters, and keeping them out of the Hollywood scene.

The Legendary Lover

Mel Gibson was born when Mars was in the sign Scorpio. Men with this placement are intense, intuitive, hypnotic lovers with a powerful sex drive and a tendency to become nearly obsessive over the object of their affections. Like the heroes in swashbuckling romance novels, they are possessive, demanding, exploratory lovers who become consumed with passion. They don’t take the act of love lightly, nor will they spare any effort to satisfy a partner.

Gibson’s sensitive, passionate portrayal of Hamlet in Franco Zefirelli’s 1990 movie brought Shakespeare’s classic play to vibrant life, and we get a glimpse of his Scorpio Mars in his interpretation of the tortured, haunted Dane and his drive to avenge his father’s murder. The sign Scorpio is instinctive, resourceful, mysterious and powerful. There is a unique ability to control and focus the extreme emotion that comes with this sign, and combined with the energy and drive of Mars, this is the stuff that legendary lovers are made of. Mel’s astrology chart is quite revealing of all that he possesses and shares.

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