Horoscopes – Astrology Chart of Dame Agatha Christie

This is a wonderful teaching chart, being unusual enough to capture the interest and able to be compared to modern, confirmed history.

I’ve been a devotee of Dame Agatha’s writing since I was 10 years old and a hopeless bookworm (okay, I’m still a bookworm). I come by it honestly though, being a Virgo just as Mrs. Christie was. In fact, she was a double Virgo, with both the Sun and Rising in the sign. So let’s take a look at Agatha Christie’s Astrology Chart.

The signs Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and Agatha had a total of 6 major points in these signs. The woman was destined to communicate!

Most good murder mysteries have an element of humor (or at least irony) to them, and the god Mercury was definitely the joker in the god’s deck. With Virgo its a dry humor though, so I’ll try to be discreet. The joke was certainly on the British literati though when Mrs. Christie was made a dame in 1971. She was (horrors!) a “popular” writer, not critically acclaimed, nor well educated. The fact that she is the most published author of all time, in any language, with her works outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare may have something to do with it.

Such vast popularity points to her 10th house of career, where the North Node, Neptune and Pluto reside. Neptune of course shows up prominently in the charts of creative people and those who capture the public’s imagination. Pluto has everything to do with…MURDER. These are each in Gemini, communicating to huge numbers of people, and fulfilling Agatha’s destiny of being an international personality.

Oddly enough, she was able to maintain the privacy she so valued, very unusual for any public figure. Note the strong moon in the Agatha Christie Astrology chart, which is at the first degree of Libra and at the beginning of the 2nd house which may account for this. Her privacy was an possession, a valued resource which she felt was necessary to her survival. This is quite understandable with the Virgo qualities, which frequently include focused shyness, and modesty. Saturn in the 1st house would emphasize this, perhaps to a painful degree, affecting her self-confidence and personal assurance.

She has a jolly Jupiter in her 5th house of creativity, in the very mental sign of Aquarius. This enabled her to be very detached about the very personal topic of death and murder, and to find the humor in it as well. Notably, this position has a connection with royalty.

Venus in the 3rd house of communication raises the subject to an art form. Her writing is always inherently attractive, with a magnetic quality that keeps her readers coming back.

Summary of Agatha Christie’s Astrology Chart: With the abundance of Mercurial planets in her chart, it was inevitable that Dame Agatha would become a leader in contemporary writing. Her powerful 10th house of career tells us of the universal appeal of her work and its popularity. Her shyness and modesty are accounted for through her Virgo planets and strong moon.

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