Tarot Card Reviews and Sample Tarot Card Readings by Gina Rabbin’s

If you are a card reader you probably have a collection of divination cards and enjoy learning about new decks of Tarot Cards. We are compiling in-depth reviews on the newest Tarot Card decks coming on the market to assist you in having a variety of tools for your Tarot card readings. Be sure and check back often, for we will continue to new reviews. If you would like us to review a particular deck, drop us a line and let us know.

Gina RabbinGina Rabbin, a life-long intuitive and catalyst for clarity, provides examples of how we can access and connect to our Higher self through interpreting Tarot Cards. With descriptions of the various cards and their significance to the questions at hand, we gain an understanding on reading Tarot Cards and the meaning of each tarot card. Gina provides us with guidance and clarity. If you are a student to Tarot and wanting to learn, reading Gina’s articles will provide valuable insight and training. You will learn much on reading Tarot Cards, learning Tarot Spreads, and the meanings for Tarot Cards. Gina is available for tarot card readings in person or by telephone. For more information, please visit http://www.ginarabbin.com.

  1. Execution of Tookie Williams: A Different Path to Peace and Healing
  2. Man’s Inhumanity To Man
  3. The Directions of Our Lives
  4. Secrets and Shadows
  5. Beyond Limitation
  6. The War on Terror
  7. Legacy of Destruction
  8. Tangled Webs
  9. The Public Stoning of Amina
  10. Taking Back Your Power
  11. Remembering Joy
  12. Choices, Choices, Choices
  13. Creating Conscious Relationship
  14. Outside the Box
  15. What do I do now?

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