Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) – Scorpio Characteristics

By Elizabeth Jones

This month’s Sign: Scorpio

Date & Time of Suns Entry: October 23rd, 2007 at 12:16 pm PDT, 1:16 pm MDT, 2:16 pm CDT, 3:16 pm EDT
NOTE: The extra emphasis on Scorpio and Scorpio issues will remain until the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22nd.

Type: Fixed Water sign

Planetary Ruler: Pluto (co-ruler is Mars)

Areas of Body Ruled: The generative and elimination systems

Key Phrase: I transform and thus create from a higher level

Symbols: Scorpio has three symbols. They are: the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes.

This information is for all signs of the Zodiac. Whatever is going on in the skies Astrologically affects us all, all of the time. Below is information regarding how the current emphasis on Scorpio may affect you personally and ways to work with this influence.


Scorpio has rulership over all phases of transformation: breakdown, death, gestation, regeneration, rebirth and renewal. Its nature is intense, passionate, secretive and mysterious. This sign often brings up our fears because of its power to delve below the surface and reveal our secrets and shadow aspects of self. Yet to transform and grow, we must enter these places. Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, has a penetrating and purging effect, helping us to see what we’ve carefully hidden and kept secret from our conscious mind. What it ultimately wants is for us to retrieve these aspects of self and bring them to the Light, so that they no longer “run” us unconsciously. In doing this we can rediscover and experience our wholeness. This whole process better assists us in accessing the higher vibrations of this powerful sign: creativity, passion, fearlessness, courage and healing deep wounds. Thus, our own frequency and vibration are raised.

“The light is in the darkness that you have been avoiding.”
— Gangaji

Challenges during the time of Scorpio:Challenges during the time of Scorpio: Every sign brings us challenges and lessons in order for us to grow and evolve. Below are listed some of what the sign of Scorpio can bring up for us to deal with. (If some of these are recurring issues in your life, it is most likely that your natal chart has afflictions in Scorpio or Pluto. A reading will determine this and give you greater clarity as to how to deal with them).

You may experience events that reveal the decay and dysfunction in some area of your life. Try to see this as an indication that you are, in fact, ready to let go of something that is keeping you from knowing greater Light in your life.

You may have issues come up that are related to the misuse of power. Also, issues of addiction, those related to finances or sexuality can also emerge now. Again, try to see these as things that are ready to move to a higher frequency and vibration.

Truth can emerge from the depths of secrecy like an eruption now. This may hit home and perhaps cause fear and anxiety as you face the reality of these situations.

In general, things can feel more intense and as a result you may feel more vulnerable or even afraid. Read below for ways to deal with this during this time.

Some other areas ruled by Scorpio that may get your attention or focus during this month are:

  • things hidden or unknown come into view
  • sensuality and sexuality are ruled by Scorpio and so get some extra focus now
  • compulsive behavior, addictions, sarcasm and jealousy~any of these can rear up during this time (again, see below for some ideas as to how to deal with these issues)
  • power, empowerment and misuse of power issues
  • finances-especially as it relates to shared resources or those that come to you from someone else (inheritance, shared investments, etc.)
  • research of all kinds
  • the occult, psychic energy, the Kundalini, flashes of insight all may be more active or get stronger now
  • all themes related to transformation, regeneration and renewal
  • generational and genetic issues, even those we “inherit” to deal with karmically, are ruled by Scorpio (this is a fascinating topic for a reading, by the way)

Ways to work with and enhance this months energies are:

Perhaps the simplest exercise I know of to work with these challenges is to do what I call “Add More Light“. Basically, in any situation you are dealing with, ask for more Light to come in. See yourself and any others involved surrounded with Light, allowing it to penetrate the darkness or unconsciousness as needed. Hold the thought that anything we are dealing with can transform once we surrender to Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, because of its ability to empower us to enter the darkness armed with Light. I suggest doing this frequently during this time.

In addition to the above, now is a good time to add a physical component to the idea of clearing out the old. It is especially helpful to focus on anyplace that we don’t usually think about or focus on, such as closets, garages, basements, attics, etc. Plumbing and sewer systems are ruled by Scorpio, so some preventive maintenance might be a good thing in these areas now, as well.

November can also a good time to do cleanses or fast.

In general, make a conscious effort to let go of what you have out grown in your life, whether this be attitudes, beliefs, a situation or things. Clearing out and releasing at all levels is appropriate!

Colors to enhance Scorpio energies: Deep reds, midnight blue, black and gold all vibrate to the powerful energy of Scorpio. Surrounding yourself with these colors will assist you in accessing your own power in positive ways. Some ideas for how to work with color are to do something artistic with them, wear them or light a candle in these colors.


Below is a list of things to focus on or think about during the time of Scorpio (10/23-11/22) that may increase your ability to tune into this months sign from a spiritual perspective:

  • Being open to fundamental change and the transformative process.
  • Challenging your existing patterns that you have out grown.
  • Working with (aka: not resisting) the powerful shifts and openings that are happening on the Earth at this time.
  • Seeing yourself and others from new vantages and viewpoints.
  • Being bold and courageous, trusting the transformative process even if you cannot see or sense the outcome.
  • Embrace the Mystery!


  • I acknowledge the power that is within me, knowing that the source is Divine.
  • I honor all others, trusting that they are exactly where they must be.
  • I am renewed by the magic and mystery that is now and eternal.
  • I know that peace is at the core of my being.
  • I walk with grace and in harmony with those around me.


Obsidian: Clarifies our path and issues. Increases honesty and integrity. Helps us to face what we must in order to move on. Called “The Warrior of Truth”.

Black Tourmaline: Deflects negative energy. Excellent protector when in a difficult or uncomfortable environment. Helps to develop a shield of light around us. Called “Radiant Servant of the Light”.

Smokey Quartz: Brings Light to the first chakra. Great for feeling overwhelmed, fatigued or stressed. Helps to build a foundation of Light for us to stand on. Increases our power to manifest our dreams on.

Simple ways to work with crystals: Wear them. Put them next to your bed or under your pillow while you sleep. Meditate with them. Carry them in your pocket. Put quartz or rose quartz in your drinking water. Give one to a friend!

For more information about Mt. Shasta, California, astrologer Elizabeth Jones, visit her website at, or you can easily reach her at Her phone number is 530-926-1999.

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