Review of Entering the Castle by Carolyn Myss

If you’ve become attracted to Entering the Castle, published by Free Press, because you’ve read and enjoyed other books by Caroline Myss (such as bestsellers Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Contracts), be advised that this book by Myss is bit different than her prior accomplishments.

On a journey to discover, or re-discover, her Catholic upbringing’s spirituality after a sudden seizure, Myss takes a look at the sixteenth century teachings of renowned St. Teresa of Avila.

Entering the Castle is the creation that Myss made after connecting with and studying the life and writings of St. Teresa.

Meet St. Teresa of Avila: A Sixteenth Century Mystic

St. Teresa of AvilaSt. Teresa of Avila was a woman ahead of her times. Despite the skepticism and even condemnation that a woman received during the sixteenth century, St. Teresa nonetheless dared to not only speak her mind about developing a spiritual relationship with God, she put it in print. Not a small feat for those days.

In Entering the Castle, Myss clears up, explains, and somewhat ‘modernizes’ what Teresa was trying to say many years ago. With the limits on Teresa’s ability to express herself from social constraints, Myss breaks through those boundaries and opens up Teresa’s message for all to hear.

In St. Teresa’s book, Interior Castles, she describes seven inner rooms of this mystical castle through which we must pass to gain the true, intimate relationship with our Creator, our God. Myss goes on to explain these seven rooms as she has understood them today.

Discovering the Seven Mansions

Carolyn MyssThis 373 page book, Myss takes the reader step by step through understanding first what mystics are, then understanding a little more about one’s own soul in relation to the Creator, God. In Part II of Entering the Castle, Myss takes the reader step-by-step through each of the seven ‘mansions’ of the castle to God.

The seven rooms are:

  1. The Power of Prayer, Humility, Chaos, and Divine Seduction
  2. God in the Details
  3. Surrender
  4. The Mystical Heart
  5. Dissolving Into Holiness
  6. Essential Wisdom and the Final Fire
  7. Divine Marriage, Healing, and Reentering the World

Each of these seven rooms is explained by Myss according to St. Teresa’s own journey with spirituality. Myss then goes on to present meditations, prayers, and examples to make each mansion in the castle easier to understand.

There is also an emphasis on healing in Entering the Castle, which is refreshing and pure.

Not a Quick Fix for Tired Soul but Well Worth the Work

And while this is a journey well worth pursuing, it doesn’t offer a ‘quick fix’ to spirituality and happiness that we are so accustomed to today. In fact, Entering the Castle could very well be a spiritual tool that you come back to again and again throughout your lifetime.

Cover of Entering the CastleEntering the Castle offers the reader insight, wisdom, and the opportunity at true happiness through a sincere, intimate relationship with our Creator, our God. This relationship takes effort on a consistent basis in order for true success to be achieved.

This book is quite different from other Myss books. It’s based in truth and hard work. This isn’t a quick, light, or easy read but maybe that’s what’s missing from society today. The hard work and commitment to doing something that is worthwhile.

If you want to develop a deep spiritual relationship with your Maker but don’t know where to begin (and aren’t scared off by hard work and dedication) then Entering the Castle just could be the book to change your life.

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