Take the Time to Expand This Moment: 12 Simple & Effective Meditation Practices

Several years ago author John Selby experienced a dramatic emotional, mental, and physical breakdown where he remarked his “inner consciousness dimmed and then went out all together.”

This breakdown lasted for several hours, during which he was in and out of consciousness several times before he began to experience awareness of perception and emotion again.

Following this incident, Selby became aware of 12 “focus” phrases of which his inner voice reminded him. He shares these 12 phrases in his book Expand This Moment: Focused Meditations to Quiet Your Mind, Brighten Your Mood, and Set Yourself Free (New World Library).

Effective & Quick Core Statements

The 12 “focus” phrases presented in Expand This Moment are designed to help people live in the present moment, experience greater meditative insight, and open themselves up to their inner being. Selby seeks to focus readers’ intentions successfully and to offer guidance with the phrases to allow for unique experiences.

Young Man MeditatingThere are millions of people around the world who share a similar desire: to meditate and experience its insights and benefits. The problem for many people is the time commitment involved with traditional meditation practices. The meditations offered in the book are shorter than traditionally-prescribed meditations—about 5 minutes versus half-hour or more. But the shortness doesn’t affect the impact: each of the 12 phrases contribute to a positive emotional and spiritual experience.

Spirituality Meets Cognitive Science

Selby is a therapist and author of more than 20 books on meditations and psychology, including Quiet Your Mind, Tapping the Source, and Seven Masters, One Path. He has over thirty years experience in cognitive research, therapy, and mindfulness coaching.

Expand This Moment incorporates his knowledge of both cognitive psychology and traditional meditation. Dedicated to the wellness of body, mind, and spirit, Selby merges his spiritual perspectives with his scientific understanding of psychology in this book. He includes many references to what his experiences have taught him, from past educational or occupational experiences, to inspirational people in his life—including his grandfather and Krishnamurti.

Easy to Incorporate Into Daily Life

Selby gives various hints at how to easily incorporate these meditations into everyday life and everyday situations. As a beginner to meditation, I was relieved at the simplicity of Selby’s 12 Focus Phrases. The discussion he provides with each one is insightful, knowledgable, and entirely relatable.

It took a few weeks of “remembering to remember” and working my way through the phrases. Selby encourages readers to go through the book a second time shortly after finishing the first. I have found that revisiting his words and each phrase a second time to be remarkably beneficial. The first time through I found myself feeling quite emotional. The second time I had more of an “Ah ha!” experience. As I continue with these focused meditations, I am certain I will feel more and more in tune and at peace with my inner self.

Expanding Meditation Experiences

Book Cover for Expand This MomentThe meditations Selby presents are well-suited for beginners, as they do not require great commitments of time or previous spiritual enlightenments. Selby understands that everyone has to start somewhere. He also notes that more experienced people will also benefit from using the phrases in both short, inspirational sessions and by incorporating them into extended meditation periods.

Expand This Moment offers invaluable guidance to readers seeking spiritual awakening.

For more information, please click > Expand This Moment by John Selby

(Note: Selby offers an online expansion of the book at JohnSelby.com and TappingDaily.org, where users will find free videos on meditation training, informative blog articles, and a Q & A section of Selby’s meditation program.)

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