Dr. Mark Mitchelson – Nature of reality, Origin of the Origin.


Meet the press interview between dr Mark Mitchelson m.b.,b.s. (qld) of australia and major Magnus Grimshaw foreign correspondant of the asia times.

Major Grimshaw: Dr Mitchelson i believe that you have recently written a best selling book, now available on the world wide web and through 16 different bookshop outlets  called “the origin of the origin and the nature of reality” published by melrose books of england.


Dr Mark Mitchelson: yes sir that is correct. It is an astounding new cosmological proof about how the multiverse that we all live in here, does actually function which is i believe 100% correct.


Major Grimshaw: so may i be so bold to enquire how your proof differs from the other theories that have been proposed by other scientists, such as your good self in the past.


Dr Mark Mitchelson: well major in my “proof of reality”, basically there is no requirement for a creative god to start off with as such. Imagine this if you may. The fact is that all the other scientists have been blinded to the true state of the cosmos, because they have all been in one way or another conditioned psychologically to believe that there is a need for a creative god to kick off everything that we witness here on planet earth to start off with, which means that they are all completely wrong with their cosmological creation models and that my proof is the only one that is actually correct as such, hence why it is a “proof of reality” and not just a theory!


Major Grimshaw: that is a very bold statement to make my good doctor. Can you explain a little bit more about your “proof of reality”?


Dr Mark Mitchelson: yes, certainly major. In my model or “proof of reality” basically the big bang process does not really function as it is currently understood, but it is only half of the story as such. You think about it, if god created the multiverse, then who created god. You see, this just leaves you with a paradoxical unending justification problem, which can never be fully explained, because it simply never happened that way!


Major Grimshaw: that is an extraordinary statement to make doctor. Can you please explain further your reasoning?


Dr Mark Mitchelson: yes major, it actually happens like this and that is that there are actually 2 multiverses to start off with, one positive one containing mainly matter, but small traces of anti-matter and a negative one which is in actually in the opposite state to the positive one, containing mainly anti-matter with traces of matter. They actually connect at the black holes located all around the known multiverse, where the matter/energy can get sucked into the gravitational field of the black hole, the data state of the matter/energy then gets compressed in transit and it then pops out into the anti-multiverse. In other words, there is no start and no finish to this process and nothing is ever created nor destroyed as such, it just changes in state from matter, into energy with either a positive or negative polarity or state if you wish and then it passes from the positive multiverse back into the negative multiverse back and forth perpetually forever. It is a truly elegant system that we actually witness here on planet earth. In fact, the massive gamma radiation bursts that have been detected far away in other galaxies from our own, is the energy/anti-matter popping back into this positive multiverse from the negative one.this phenomena has not been explained properly, until now!


Major Grimshaw: that is an amazing series of deductions to make Dr Mitchelson. What is a multiverse, if you will pardon my ignorance?


Dr Mark Mitchelson: well major, i can see that you are a bit of a military man, so i will explain this phenomenon in laymans terms so that even you can understand this phenomenen.


A multiverse is this universe for example and all of the other parallel universes wrapped up with it, if you like.


For example if in one parallel universe i assaulted you physically, i would go to jail. However, in another parallel universe if i saved your life, there would be another completely diferent scenario of reality outcomes that would happen.


This is all that we witness in life, we literally can create our own reality and path of life, by our thoughts to start off with, which lead to our actions and then the pathway of things that can occur hence forth, like a sort of chain reaction, if you like to think about it in this way.


In this system there is no creative god as such, which sits in judgement of you or me, as you determine the causality pathway that you actually take in life and there really is only yourself and your peers to judge you as such. This also, is a truly elegant feature of this “proof of reality”.


Major Grimshaw: that is a truly amazing discovery Dr Mitchelson. Why is it that no body else has discovered this system of ours before, because it is the system that we all live under is it not, if you are correct?


Dr Mark Mitchelson: well major, this proof has been a long time in coming, i will agree with that, but now that i and a friend of mine mr steven voysey an electrical engineer have worked it out. It means that literally the human race has the potential to create our own collective reality, which can be a truly marvellous one if we choose the right path or it can be an extinction event, if we chose the wrong path.


Major Grimshaw: i see here in one of the press releases for your book, which you have studied amongst other things, the crop circle phenomenen, ufo’s, extraterestials phenomenen, the great pyramid of giza and sacred geometry. What is the connection of all these vastly different subject matters may i ask?


Dr Mark Mitchelson: well major, i do not want to go into too much detail in this interveiw with your good self, because it is all there for you and the other readers to find out about and explore in my book “the origin of the origin and the nature of reality”. However, i will state this now and this is certainly not a new idea, but it is my understanding that the great pyramid of giza was built much longer ago, than is oficially recognized by the current eygyptian government and that it was built as a geometric monument and time capsule, amongst other things, as a store of information which was brought here to this planet, by an ancient extraterestial race of beings from another planet located in a galaxy, a long way from here.


There is no way in my opinion and the opinion of many other scholars who have studied this ancient structure, that it could have been built by primative men with stone/copper/bronz or even iron tools.  It is just too perfectly designed, engineered and built for that. This of course leads to the question of why? And what is its purpose?


These questions are fully revealed and explained in great detail in my book. However, it is suffice to say that it actually reveals a description of the true “philosophers stone” which is basically the “proof of reality” which is exposed for the first time in history and presented in my book “the origin of the origin and the nature of reality”.


Basically, it is a puzzle which you have to be smart enough to solve and ask the right questions about in the first place. We earthlings in our current primative society have only just reached the cosmic grade necessary to solve the puzzle, with the publishing of my book so to speak. I do not wish to reveal any more about this matter in this specific interview, you all will have to go and buy the book, read it, study it, contemplate on it and then i believe a true cosmic understanding will most definitely arise and there will be a proper “dawning of the age of aquarius” that we all here on planet earth can benefit and prosper from


Major Grimshaw: may i take this opportunity to thank you dr Mark Mitchelson for granting me this rare interview with you, which i personally have found most illuminating and the insight into your thought processes, which for me at least and all the potential prospective readers of your fantastic book “the origin of ther origin and the nature of reality” will be truly astounding.

Dr Mark Mitchelson: thank you for your kind attention and reflections major Magnus Grimshaw, as i have truly enjoyed sharing my thoughts and ideas with you for the betterment of all humankind, i hope.

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