Ragini Elizabeth Michaels & The Beggar’s Secret

Enjoy this fascinating interview with Marketplace Mystic Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, author of Unflappable – 6-Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, and Peaceful No Matter What.

Being a long-time fan of Ragini and her work, we recommend watching her teleseminar replay entitled: The Beggar’s Secret: Discover The Esoteric Strategy That No-One Else Is Talking About For Creating & Sustaining A Happy & Mindful Life By Embracing ONE Simple Insight

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Q: Ragini, can there really be ONE of anything that can change a person’s life?

A: Yes. Apparently there can be, because this one simple insight can take you to the root of your frustration and disappointment when you feel you’re not reaching your goal of being positive instead of negative, trusting instead of doubtful, and feeling connected instead of feeling separate. And when you get to the root of something, change can begin to happen.


Ragini Elizabeth MichaelsQ: Why do you call it an esoteric insight?

A: Because esoteric means “hidden from view”. This simply means you’re missing the place where it’s hiding out. When you know where to look, this “esoteric” strategy becomes very obvious.


Q: Are you going to actually tell us what that is in your seminar this Sunday?

A: Yes. In The Beggar’s Secret Teleseminar, I’m going to share exactly what that insight is and why embracing it can change the way you navigate your relationships, quests for achievement, personal power, living your purpose, keeping your faith, and your efforts to make happiness your way of life.


Q: Where did you find this information?

A: I stumbled on it in my own quest for figuring out why I was so unhappy, even though I had so much to be grateful for. I was obsessed with finding a way out of my pain and suffering. This compulsion led me to create a model of the psychology of mystics – the folks who can actually remain unflappable in the face of anything disturbing – outside or inside.


Q: Why isn’t anyone else talking about this if it’s so helpful and life-changing?

A: This particular nugget of wisdom is traditionally introduced closer to the end of the spiritual quest to move from our human self to our divine self. But being a bit of a life-long rebel, I wondered, “Why not explore it at the beginning if it’s so fundamental?” Feedback shows that today’s modern man/woman is quite capable of absorbing and metabolizing this wisdom in the beginning. And getting it early on saves a lot of heartache, self-criticism, confusion, and despair.


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