2-DVD Set: Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman, a film by Jennifer Fox

Jennifer Fox has created a captivating, emotive video in Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman.

This two-DVD set is a compelling investigation of Fox’s life, desires, dreams, and sometimes harsh realities.

A single Jewish independent film maker living in New York City, she takes a hard look at her own life in amazing and moving film.

In the past, Fox has earned recognition as a cinematographer whose credits include Beirut: The Last Home Movie, and An American Love Story. Her latest creation turns the lens away from others and into her own personality and thoughts lasting a full 351 minutes.

It is clear from the start that Jennifer Fox is not a super-conservative, un-liberated woman. In fact, the video begins with her explaining that during childhood she always wanted to be a boy since boys are encouraged to do things which females are discouraged from doing. That mindset carries into her adult life and is evidenced by her choice not to marry and her love of taking off to shoot films in far away lands at a moment’s notice.

Fox is not alone in Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman. She shares the thoughts and feelings of many female friends, some of whom have thoughts and lifestyles similar to Fox’s and others who are quite opposite. She explores sexuality and the hard choices all women must make regarding career, family, partners, and lifestyles.

Jennifer Fox DVD CoverThe video covers multiple countries from Russia to the United States and provides some very beautiful scenery. It delves into the cultural differences between women living in cultures where prostitution is called “sex work” to those where premarital sex is a serious taboo to a more free and relax American culture.

Women facing life in each of these different cultures address how they feel about their lives, their sexuality, and their futures. It is a very revealing look at how women from different lands think because of the mores with which they are reared and exposed throughout life.

In Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman, Jennifer Fox looks at women attempting to get pregnant and have children alone and in their forties. At 42, she finds herself alone and pregnant and having to adjust to this new idea she had not planned for. When she learns that 50% of women over 40 who become pregnant end with miscarriages and she becomes one of the unlucky 50% herself, she then has even stranger emotions overtake her unexpectedly.

In Flying, Fox takes us with her soaring on joyful events and allows us to sink with her into the sad and tragic events in her life. She is a woman with whom any American woman can truly relate. Men watching this video could learn a great deal about the minds and hearts of females in their lives.

While this isn’t a film intended to watch with the children, it is a very important work. I found myself caught up in Fox’s story of her life so far and really was unhappy when it ended much sooner than I wished. You’ll feel the same I’m certain when you watch Fox’s Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman. Watch it with both your female and male friends because it creates lots of topics for discussion.



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2 Responses

  1. Andrea G. K. says:

    Dear Jennifer, It is may 18th, 2009. I recorded your film to watch at a later date which was this evening. 100% of your film resonated with me. I am going on forty one years old this year. I lived an independent life, had many wonderful lovers, relationships, some abusive relationships, but grew up in a very small country setting that didn’t give me any friends who found my natural fondness of freedom.
    I felt I needed and wanted to make a connection with you. There is much stories within that story above. Much within me that I found about my continuous re-identification. So much in the film is happening to women I teach, have taught, my younger generation cousins, and even my sisters and mom. So in conclusion, thank you for sharing you and your film with the world, sincerely Andrea.

    • Sandy says:

      Hi Andrea .. thank you so much for posting your heartfelt message to Jennifer Fox. Here is a link to the Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman blog where you can connect with those involved with the film. We are glad you enjoyed the review of the film, and also the film itself. Jennifer Fox Blog

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