Horoscopes – Oprah Winfrey Astrology Chart

Mercury rules communication and the sharing of ideas. In order to host a successful talk show, one has to have some serious Mercury in their chart. This includes strong positioning of the planet Mercury itself, and an emphasis on the Mercury signs, Gemini and Virgo. It’s also very helpful to include the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus and its sign Aquarius. Oprah Winfrey’s astrology chart has every one of these factors. This is a lady who knows how to keep a conversation going.

Oprah’s Mercury is in the 6th house, in Aquarius. This alters the expected Mercurial energy from Gemini to Virgo, since the 6th house is Virgo’s house. That little Mercury, has to carry a lot of weight in this horoscope. Aquarius is a demanding sign to have one’s Mercury placed in, carrying the responsibility of a vision for the future which must be communicated. This is the role of Aquarius. It is definitely compatible with Mercury, but has a far greater range. Oprah’s Mercury energy is overwhelmed from another direction as well. Her most elevated planet, Jupiter, is in Gemini. This is the sign of its fall. That means that Gemini is the sign which opposes the natural sign that Jupiter rules, Sagittarius. When Mercurial energy is funneled through the planet of expansion, Jupiter, one can sometimes have too many words. They then have to go out far and wide, to as many people as possible. Up at the top of the chart, one naturally is recognized by this power. Jupiter is opposed by the Moon in Sagittarius, giving a homey, comfortable feel to Oprah’s communication and incidentally, can make keeping a girlish figure a major production. This is due to the “expansive” nature of Jupiter and Sagittarius.

This Jupiter/Mercury effect bounces around the chart like the sphere in a pin-ball machine. It shows up yet again through Oprah’s Virgo ascendant. This is a position which has a deep and abiding need to help, to be useful in some way. It also has impossibly high standards for itself, usually attempting to cleanse itself of “impurities” which it had nothing to do with creating. According to Oprah’s biography, she was an illegitimate baby, in a time and location where that had a far greater stigma than it does today. This perceived “imperfection” must be compensated for, frequently by performing work that is beyond the ken of most of usmortals. Not only must the work performed be perfect, but it must have a higher degree of perfection than we normally would conceive of. Also, Oprah was repeatedly molested sexually as a child, as shown by her 12th house Pluto. Like most sexual assault victims, the chart shows a need for purging a nebulous sense of guilt. Naturally she “shouldn’t” feel guilty for such a thing, but the emotions don’t obey the rules all that well.

Virgo also has to do with healing. The emphasis on healing shows up again in the opposition between her Uranus and her Chiron in Oprah’s astrology. This is accompanied by the natural opposition of the Lunar Nodes. The Uranus/South Node conjunction tells us that being different and symbolizing a more enlightened mind set is something she came into this life knowing how to accomplish. The North Node/Chiron conjunction tells us that deep inner and spiritual healing are her lessons for this lifetime, and that she may share what she learns with others for their healing.

We must examine Oprah’s 3rd house Mars in Scorpio as well. The 3rd house is also ruled by Mercury, being the natural house of Gemini (big surprise). Mars in Scorpio has an almost inexhaustible reserve of energy, with penetrating insights and depths of feeling. This is also the house of siblings, or “equal” relatives. Mars’ position here is another indication of the criminal assaults she faced by those people in her life.

Summary of Oprah Winfey Astrology Chart: This chart is dominated by her capacity for intelligence and communication. These influences are scattered throughout her chart in a number of different patterns. Her obvious influence upon our culture is indicated as well, by the energies of Aquarius and Uranus.

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