Horoscopes – Astrology Chart of Albert Einstein

This is another of my favorite astrological charts, that of Albert Einstein. He had such a major effect on our world that a knowledge of his chart falls in the “must do” list for the astrologer. This is an interesting set-up, full of contradictions. When we compare the chart to our understanding of the life of this man, we see an evolved soul who utilized his chart to the fullest.

My attention automatically goes to the Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus T-square. Pluto represents atomic energy, the bomb, and uranium. Mass conversion to energy can be expressed through this T-square geometry. Uranus represents all energies, with electricity being primary. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, thus e=mc(squared). My instinct is that this global, historical quality of Einstein is depicted by this aspect which draws in the life and death issues of our species. Additionally, his version of physics escalated both scientific and spiritual exploration to a degree not previously seen in recorded history. Albert definitely had his finger on the pulse of humanity’s core issues, and this is a solidly Plutonian characteristic.

Uranus also embraces new technology and is often “ahead of its time”. Einstein integrated the forward-thinking attributes of his Uranus with the transformative nature of Pluto. Jupiter integrates with Uranus through taking all of the limitations off. Freedom is the issue. Einstein wouldn’t have anything to do with Nazis long before it became fashionable. There’s also a Yod to his Uranus, which to me always speaks of this individual being used for Divine Purposes.

The Saturn/Mercury conjunction tells us of his questionable mental development. Not speaking until the age of three and being temporarily diagnosed as mentally retarded when he began school, Albert was obviously misunderstood. In retrospect it seems that he was heavily over-burdened with a level of mentation that most of us can’t even imagine, and perhaps it took awhile to gain mastery of this. Saturn implies delay and Mercury is about analytical ability and logical perceptions. Einstein did not seem to operate by logic particularly, but instead by intuition.

Of course, what else could we expect of a Piscean? The ruler of his Sun, Neptune, is conjunct Chiron in Taurus. This can be read as the dissolution of matter bringing wounding, healing or both. The atom bomb may certainly be considered from both of these perspectives, as does the havoc that was played with Newtonian physics.

Not surprisingly Albert’s Einstein’s astrology and horoscope as shown in his chart is extremely mental. There are those who believe that he was an untreated case of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, a condition often typified by exceptional intelligence and erratic behavior. If so, I think we can all be grateful that this magnificent individual found his way through his mundane life while gifting us with a greater vision of the stars.

Summary of Albert Einstein’s Astrology Chart: The challenges and opportunities in Albert Einstein’s chart show an individual with a truly remarkable mind, capable of changing his world. Operating from a level of intuition and superior analytical skills, he was destined to alter the future of his species.

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