Horoscopes – Astrology Chart for Joseph Campbell

This remarkable individual, Joseph Cambell, who is known for his ground-breaking studies in the power of mythology in human life and his extraordinary intelligence, has a rather endearing astrology chart. With a planetary emphasis on the western half of the chart, we are shown his need to relate to others, to a lot of others, as many different others as possible and in unique ways.

I’m most impressed by Joseph’s stunning intelligence, demonstrated by a repetition of the pattern which combines Mercury and Jupiter (with a dash of Uranus tossed in). Mercury is perception and speed of thought, while Jupiter is the expansion of ideas. These aren’t normally considered compatible, sometimes having an effect on communication skills. When they work though, they work very well. The repetition of this pattern shows up in the 3rd House (ruled by Mercury) of Uranus in Sagittarius (the sign of Jupiter). It is again mentioned by the Part of Fortune in the 9th House (Jupiter ruled) in the sign of Gemini (Mercury’s sign). The Uranian influence which is another facet of unique intelligence or genius, shows in that 3rd House and again in his Saturn in Aquarius (Uranus’ sign).

Viewing Joseph Cambell’s astrology chart we not his strong Pluto, found in its natural house is in the sign of Gemini, following through with the Mercury theme of this horoscope. It tells us about an ability to crawl into our human collective consciousness to find out what makes us tick at a deep level… and then report back to us on his results! His capacity to face down the deepest fears of our human subconscious and make sense of them, was purest genius and very courageous as well. That courage is shown in his elevated Leo Moon, indicating that this was something he learned from his mother, or was shown in his childhood conditioning.

All of the outer planets from Saturn on out to Pluto are very involved in this chart. This is typical of an individual who has an impact on human culture as a whole. It seems that they are placed at the right time, in the right place, with the right interest to create a significant shift in human thought and/or behavior. Campbell’s research shored up and opened up the fields of human conditioning, crossed over into the human potential movement and found a home in spiritual psychology.

His 4 planets in Aries certainly can’t be neglected. Aries, representing the pioneer, produced incredible, ground-breaking work in the field of literature, mythology and even cultural anthropology. Since both his Jupiter and Sun are included in this line-up, one can understand the remarkable luck of this individual. Born to an intelligent and prosperous family, he fell into relationships with several of the most interesting people of his era, as well as being able to do such extensive travel and research.

He was well defined by this Jupiter. There is no denying what a gifted teacher this man was. Joseph was able to communicate esoteric concepts to the world that have been swimming around in the great sea of the human unconscious for eons. He charted a time line, validated our stories and opened up our souls to a greater freedom and expansiveness. His work lives on through these amazing teachings and I expect that we haven’t even reached the full depth of what they have to offer us.

Summary of Joseph Campbell’s Astrology Chart: Joseph’s chart tells a fascinating story of an individual who could penetrate to the deepest levels of humanity’s consciousness and bring back a coherent tale, one that would surprise and enlighten us, giving us inspiration for centuries yet to come.

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