Horoscopes – Astrology Charts for Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless

I had originally thought to do a separate article for each of these television stars. Then I saw their charts. They so perfectly epitomize the parts that they play and the current sexual fashions, that they had to be compared to each other.

For those who are unfamiliar with the television shows that these two individuals star in, here’s a brief rendition. Kevin Sorbo is Hercules in a spoof version of the legend. He is a kind and gentle muscleman, sensitive and wounded by the loss of his family. Lucy Lawless stars in her show, Xena, Warrior Princess. This show is of the same time period and genre, with Xena being a remarkably athletic warrior woman who is trying to change her previously evil ways. Obviously, sexual fantasies run rampant in both shows.

I had to laugh when I saw the charts. I looked at one and said, “Oh, this will burst some people’s bubbles,” then looked at the other and mumbled, “Oops. Same thing.” As western icons of fashionable sexuality, the charts each speak of strong cross-gender tendencies. The characters that are portrayed on-screen make no secret of this. We have a sensitive and moody “he-man” and a fiery warrior “ladylove”. This blending is a good key to what is currently found desirable in western society.

The charts demonstrate an interesting dichotomy to each other as well. Kevin has Libra rising (ruled by Venus) and Lucy has Aries rising (ruled by Mars). Additionally they have a nodal reversal, where one’s North Node is conjunct the other’s South Node and vice versa. This is good for learning from each other. The Nodes are positioned in the same houses for both of them, indicating that they gain through exploration of their basic personalities. We’re looking at a couple of powerful personalities, so this is certainly understandable.

Lucy’s chart with it’s abundance of fire energy, shows us a passionate and energetic individual. Such a configuration in a small portion of the chart speaks of a decision to accomplish important things on her own in this lifetime. Some confusion over her sexuality as shown by the 12th house Venus in Pisces is understandable with this remarkable drive. There is a great softness and vulnerability hiding beneath the tough outer shell and it likely requires regular healing. Her character dresses in leather however and is very, very tough. Some semblance of this may be a personal goal for her as well.

Kevin’s chart shows us someone who has done the whole “man thing” in spades and is probably very good at it. His image is of critical importance to him, and there may be secrets involved with it. Caring for his image is pretty easy for him since he appears to have a natural ability to project whatever image he chooses to. This is a valuable ability for an actor. Although he may look like choice “beefcake”, there is a lifelong effort to develop his intelligence and master a number of different subjects. Communication and siblings may be an issue for him.

Summary of the Astrology Chart for both Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo: Both of these charts are unique with the intense emphasis on the rising sign and 1st house. This means that image and physical appearance are of primary importance. Additionally, these individuals are interesting gauges for what is considered sexually fashionable in western society. That is, a blending of typical male/female traits in one person. This is indicative of Aquarian Age androgeny, and is a very appealing version of it for us all.

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