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The birth data for the Astrology Chart of Della Reese and her horoscope interpretation is from Lois Rodden’s, Profiles of Women. You may view the chart here.

When viewing Della Reese she looks like a Cancerian. The round face, deep eyes and voluptuous body are all typical of the Cancer woman. Currently best known for her maternal, yet somewhat crabby role in the television series, “Touched by an Angel”, this character exemplifies the Cancerian prototype. Also known as being a deeply spiritual woman even before this series, there are several factors in her chart which show how this came to be.

Of significant note in her chart are the aspects to Pluto. Anyone who has Pluto in their Sun Sign is understood to be a more intense individual, one who has wrestled with the deeper meanings and perhaps the suffering of life more than the rest of us. This is emphasized by the Saturn opposition to her Pluto/Mercury conjunction. A Saturn/Pluto opposition isn’t a very pretty thing. In a birth chart it can indicate suffering and losses due to unfair limitations and restrictions. Not being much of a celebrity follower, I haven’t kept up with Della’s biography, but it’s a pretty safe bet that her race has posed significant obstacles in life. This aspect, combined with Moon in Pisces leads me to suspect that there could have been losses connected with children. If this is the case, it could have much to do with her spiritual development, as any woman who has suffered over a child knows.

The Moon is the chart ruler and in the sign of Pisces, indicates a swirling depth of feeling which she projects extremely well in her voice. This reflects off of her 12th house Neptune, a fine position for an artist. This is also indicative of spirituality, with a deep faith and highly developed intuitive faculties. A 12th house Neptune also talks about hidden enemies, and I suspect that Della has had more than her share of these, particularly early in life. She may experience visions or even voices with this position.

Virgo rising with Mars conjunct the ascendant gives a fine sense of self, although she may be heartily self-critical. This is also indicative of a need to serve, to be useful and of aid to others. This may also connect with that outstanding voice of hers, giving her the ability to project so powerfully. Naturally the Mercury/Pluto conjunction is most greatly responsible for this, but the Virgo energy probably contributes to the clarity and energy of it.

The 11th house stellium is wonderful for achieving success through an electronic medium. It also show in Della Reese’s astrology chart that achievement can be made through networking. I suspect that Della has built up a fine support system of professional contacts over the years which she takes good care of. This may have helped her to overcome some of the inevitable racial bias which she has encountered, allowing her to utilize her talents with greater freedom than someone else in her position might have.

Venus in the 10th house is always good for a performing artist. Their personal magnetism and attractiveness express exceptionally well to the public. I find it interesting that it overcomes what might normally be a hindrance in her line of work, her bulk. I imagine that this has required some adjustment on her part as evidenced by the square to her moon. Her personal estimation of her beauty may have taken some hits, and even now she may not be fully aware of the beauty which shines through her.

Uranus in the 8th house shows her unique ability to overcome deeply ingrained cultural bias. Della has managed to overcome this bias for many years, in ways that are original and inventive. I was actually surprised (though I shouldn’t have been) at how distinctively racial bias appears in this chart. I think that I’m not alone in this. This remarkable woman is able to project an essential humanity that makes her color so irrelevant that one may be caught up short in the recognition that this could even be an issue. Her ability to relate so effectively to the rest of humanity shows her as simply another member of the species (though a special example) and someone whom we might all feel honored in welcoming into our homes.

Summary of Della Reese Astrology Chart: In my opinion, this chart is representative of an extraordinary individual whose personal destiny could not help but impact a significant portion of humanity. Her ability to represent warmth, home, and familiar comfort is unique and very personal. She is able to project a very special empathy with others and this is likely rooted in her own personal suffering. She has evidently risen above this to share her insights with the rest of the world.

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