Audio Program on Energetic Boundaries & How to Avoid Caregiver’s Burnout

Healing arts practitioners help clients improve and maintain their physical, mental, and emotional health using a variety of therapies based on the mind-body energy connection.

If not paid attention to, healers own energy fields can become imbalanced or depleted, leading to physical and mental exhaustion, anxiety or stress, or even waning motivation or interest.

In the audio program Energetic Boundaries: Practical Protection and Renewal Skills for Healers, Therapists, and Sensitive People (Sounds True), esteemed healer Karla McLaren shares tips and lessons on how caregivers can care for themselves.

Emotional Healer

Karla McLarenKarla McLaren has studied the sociology, neurology, and psychology of emotions for years throughout her healing career. McLaren is an award-winning author whose work includes Emotional Genius and The Language of Emotions.

As an empath, or reader of emotions, McLaren recognizes the important of forming a strong and healthy relationship with one’s self. In particular, it’s necessary for caregivers to understand the need to care for themselves. Care giver’s burnout is an all too frequent occurrence that can be avoided. In Energetic Boundaries, McLaren discusses strategies for healers, therapists, and caregivers in developing greater energetic understanding for themselves to avoid caregiver burnout or compassion fatigue.

Energy Toolkit for Caregivers

Emphasizing how our bodies are powerful energy fields, and these energy fields influence our physical bodies, McLaren presents an intriguing program designed for caregivers to learn about improving the quality of their energetic health.

The program covers topics such as how to identify and heal imbalanced energy fields and tips on how to interact with others without compromising one’s own energy. McLaren shares useful meditations designed for pre and post healing sessions. These meditations are intended to clear and purify the healer’s energy. Also included in Energetic Boundaries is a fascinating discussion about “spirit hitchhikers,” and how to address this energetic invasion.

Energy Healing Resource

Energetic BoundariesEnergetic Boundaries is a therapeutic resource for healers and caregivers. By allowing one’s self to learn the important skills of maintaining energy health, caregivers can help combat fatigue or energy imbalances. With optimal energy fields, healers and therapists can offer quality care.

People who find themselves taking on other people’s emotions or problems as their own—what McLaren refers to as sensitive people—will also benefit from this program and learn to establish compassionate boundaries and maintain healthy energy within themselves.







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