Angels of the Sun: New Age Music Album with a Twist by Fred Thrane

There is something to be said when someone’s love and talent for music survives a hiatus spanning several years.

Angels of the Sun (CDBY), the debut instrumental guitar album by Fred Thrane, features Dennis Murphy on bass and Jim Norris on percussion.

With strong classical elements, Angels of the Sun features lively, up-tempos songs that showcase Thrane’s diverse guitar skills.

Passion for Music

Fred Thrane MusicianFred Thrane began his study of guitar at the age of 17, committing to both classical and flamenco styles. This study eventually led to working with a concert guitarist and honing his skills.

After earning a master’s degree in music with a specialty in classical guitar from Cal State Hayward University, Thrane took up a teaching position in classical guitar at San Jose State University and Foothills College. Eventually Thrane found himself switching careers into the business world, and put his passion for the guitar on hold for 15 years.

In 1995, Thrane resurrected his love for the guitar, and began composing original songs. Angels of the Sun is the result of his passion and features nine of his original compositions.

Instrumental Guitar Album Angels of the Sun

Album Cover for Angels of the SunThe track “Moraga Raga” has a jazzy feel to it, giving listeners the sensation of being at an intimate, yet up-beat concert with Thrane. Title track, “Angels of the Sun,” is a calming, slow, and other-worldly composition that starts the album off on the right note. “Soleares,” perhaps the best song of the album, is a true demonstration of Thrane’s abilities with the classical guitar. And the closing song, “Cowgirls and Ice Cream,” is a romantic, peaceful track best heard with the eyes shut and mind open.

Thrane’s original new age instrumental CD Angels of the Sun will please listeners seeking a relaxing escape. The relationship he has with the guitar is evident in each of the songs featured in the album. New age enthusiasts will enjoy the classical elements of this album.

To hear song samples, please click >  Angels of the Sun by Fred Thrane

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