Travel Memoir Red Goddess Rising a Spiritually Uplifting Book

With beautiful descriptions, humorous recollections, and powerful realizations of truth, Halle Eavelyn’s new book Red Goddess Rising (Spirit Quest World) describes her spiritual transformation during her first trip to Egypt.

Highlighted in Eavelyn’s personal story of growth are several of Egypt’s notable landmarks and attractions intertwined with the likable personalities of Eavelyn’s travel companions.

The unfolding of her spiritual realizations is enjoyable and uplifting, making Red Goddess Rising a book recommended as a must-read.

About Halle Eavelyn

Halle EavelynAuthor Halle Eavelyn actively seeks spiritual truths in her life. She works with Spirit Quest Tours performing day-to-day tasks, spiritual healing for travelers, and leads various tours.

Eavelyn resides in California where she works as a writer and editor. Co-author of several screenplays, Red Goddess Rising is her first travel book. She notes she is “no longer the person I was before” this remarkable trip to Egypt.

Red Goddess Rising Funny & Uplifting

Eavelyn’s powerful new book details her first trip to Egypt and the spiritual awakening and understanding that came to her during that time. She and her husband were both exhausted and overworked when the idea to travel came upon them. Without even realizing she would gain a new appreciation for spiritualism and truth, Eavelyn came home from that trip a person with a new outlook on life.

Red Goddess Rising has quite a bit of humor written into it, one aspect I found extremely appealing. For example, her discussions of the “potty shower” made me laugh out loud. How many other tourists have struggled to come to terms with this?

There are many touching moments, as well, that I reread a few times because they were just that striking. For instance, Eavelyn describes the moment when she and the rest of her tour group visited the Al Rafai Mosque in Old Cairo where they experienced a private religious worship. Eavelyn said of that experience: “. . . soon all of us—Christian, pagan, Jew, agnostic—are chanting to Allah and it is beautiful and lovely and right.”

Beautiful Shifts in Thought

Halle Eavelyn exposes the inner dialogue and revelations she came to during the trip. And she does it in such a simple, but profound way:

Instead of asking, What if something bad happens? I can as easily ask, What if something good occurs? What if all my dreams come true? What if I am happy every minute of every day? In choosing to turn each negative thought into a positive one, in choosing to “What if?” my way to a better place emotionally, I am shifting my own universe.

Book of Transformation a Recommended Read

Red Goddess Rising Book CoverEavelyn’s Red Goddess Rising is an enchanting story of personal transformation, one that will engage any reader. I found several parts of the book to be quite humorous, whether or not this was the intention, and because of this I felt like I wasn’t necessary reading a book, but chatting with Eavelyn personally about her experience.

I highly recommend Red Goddess Rising to anyone who’s contemplating their own spiritual existence or who’s already on this path of personal soul growth.

For more information, please click > Red Goddess Rising: A Spiritual Travel Memoir by Halle Eavelyn

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