Horoscopes – Shirley Maclaine Astrology Chart

Ms. Maclaine’s astrology chart seems to hinge on her powerful Venus in the 6th house. Venus of course, rules the arts, and in the 6th house it’s function is to find expression through her work. Venus is in Pisces, the sign of it’s exaltation. This means that it is very well placed there and operates particularly well. Pisces is the natural ruler of the 12th house, and you’ll see that Shirley has two important planetary bodies in there, the Moon and Neptune. There is a “reverberation” effect from the connection of Venus to the 12th house, wherein the energies involved have a natural sympathy with each other, and strengthen the influence.

Her Sun and Mars in Taurus also show the Venusian theme. Taurus receives it’s qualities from Venus, so we say that it is ruled by it. Their placement in the 8th house is very strong, this being one of the most powerful placements of Mars. That placement typifies a powerful will and determination, with a deep resourcefulness. Her Sun in this house is one indication of her special sensitivity, as this house is very aware of the undercurrents of human existence.

Jupiter in the 1st house is in Libra, the other Venus-ruled sign. Jupiter tends to expand the house and sign that it’s in, and this helps give Ms. Maclaine her incredible physical stamina. Additionally, it would serve to demonstrate her ability to succeed in so many different art forms. Jupiter also aids in self-confidence or belief in herself, bolstering the usual modesty and self-effacement of Virgo rising.

Shirley’s spiritual orientation is well demonstrated by her 12th house planets noted in her astrology chart. The Moon in this position is known for it’s very long memory, frequently of past lives. Although these memories may be somewhat submerged, they quite often reveal themselves when triggered by environmental stimuli or emotional stress. The 12th house is the natural placement for Neptune, and this is perhaps the most psychic placement possible. Her 8th house planets are also quite intuitive and may sense things almost by instinct.

Shirley’s great challenge of learning in this life has revolved around her 5th house. Saturn in this house is accustomed to caution in self-expression, a kind of social conformity. In Aquarius, she probably has had to seek out environments where her special expression was acceptable. With the North Node in this house, the demand has existed to be very open about matters which are unique, non-conformist and humanitarian. Since the North Node is new lessons, there is always a sense of risk involved. One may not know what they may be endangering in their comfort zone in order to reach out to a greater sphere of knowledge and experience.

Ms. Maclaine’s special charm, talent and strength are beautifully reflected in her astrology chart. Her presence in our world is quite a gift to us.

Summary: Shirley Maclaine’s astrology chart is typified by her lovely, yet femininely strong Venus energy. Her spiritual nature is well described by the power of her Neptune and 12th house. She has overcome a natural reticence to seem “odd” as shown in her 5th house. Her powerful will is an inspiration as shown by her 8th house planets.

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