Horoscopes – Astrology Chart for Timothy McVeigh

What we first see in looking at Timothy McVeighh’s astrology chart, is the see-saw arrangement of the planets. This means that the grouping is in two clumps, opposing each other. This is an indication of a personality striving to find balance, probably highly suggestible and capable of wild pendulum swings of emotion, sometimes indicating a bi-polar or manic-depressive state. As we focus more specifically on certain areas of the chart, we’ll see how this pattern repeats itself.

The elevated Pisces Moon tells us of a hyper-sensitive individual who tends to take everything quite personally, feeling offended by the words or actions of others. In the 10th house, this state of affairs is manifested as a sensitivity to structured organizations such as government agencies. It would be as if the FBI was specifically out to hurt his feelings. Additionally, in the 10th house there can be a lack of human compassion, a tendency towards facts and figures rather than the emotional sharing with others.

The Moon is opposed by his Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo, adding to the impetus towards hypercritcalness of the activity of groups. Again, this is an emotionally “cold” configuration, lacking empathy but containing plenty of anger.

Saturn in the 10th house in Aries confirms this picture. Again we have the allegiance to or identification with large human structures, both organizational and, evidently, as buildings. The anger with authority, with the military and with the government show his lack of personal responsibility for his life and the idea that these parental structures are “supposed” to take care of him. According to reports, his attitudes became more angry when he couldn’t get a job after leaving the military. Literally, his world “owed” him a living. We see the coldness of the overly Saturnine personality, focused on the building and the organizational groups, rather than the human beings who were injured and killed.

This is all getting pretty spooky, isn’t it? It goes on…

Look at that Mars/Neptune opposition in Timothy McVeigh’s astrology chart. In a man’s chart, we will often see that something “odd” is happening. I’ve encountered impotency with this positioning, and what I call “revenge celibacy”. This is where the man will refuse interaction with the opposite sex as a way of getting even with the female gender. I’ve run into that one twice now. Obviously, this isn’t healthy, either psychologically or physically as the energy has to go somewhere. With all the Aries in the chart we understand that this male energy is not all that it should be.

Firstly, Chiron in Aries speaks of woundedness in the areas of masculinity and assertiveness. This is a vulnerability, an “ouch” that reacts when stimulated and not in a healthy way. This is where we see the knee-jerk reactions of the homophobe, the neo-Nazi, etc., the people who hate just because hatred is available to them. Its like a reflex. Acting out the Libra South Node’s need for justice, he ignored his own needs, and messed up a lot of other people’s as well. Had he indulged in some healthy self-interest, he wouldn’t have bothered with making this grandiose statement of “justice”.

Almost too obvious to mention, is the Sun/Mercury conjunction in the 11th house. Again we see how his beliefs in the bigger picture have become personalized, caught up in his ego and identified with very strongly. We’re getting some bounce-off effect from the Pluto/Uranus conjunction again, as the ruler of the 11th house. Too often it seems that this aspect says, “What’s good for me is good for everybody, and I’ll enforce it”.

Jupiter in Leo in the 3rd house re-states the premise that the Sun/Mercury conjunction makes, in larger terms. Timothy is what he believes, his ego is totally tied up in that and there is no concept senior to this idea. He lives in the realm of ideas, and is able to charm others into thinking as he does. When that doesn’t work, he throws his weight around (big time!).

Summary of Timothy McVeigh’s Astrology Chart and Horoscope: This sick puppy lives in a world of his own, one where he is dominated by an uncaring world that is out to get him. In order to show that he’s a “real man”, he must use whatever force is available to him. His feelings are easily hurt and retaliation is the only coping skill he is capable of. The delusional state of his consciousness creates personal enemies from impersonal structures, so that is where he takes his revenge.

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