Inspirational Articles – 1: Intuition, Consciousness, Astral Projection

  1. Guide to Affirmations: Creating Power Through Affiramtions
  2. Love and Light: Align with Light
  3. Inducing Greater Consciousness: Increase Your Potential by Expanding Your Mind Power
  4. Astral Projection: The Doorway to a New Dimension
  5. Unity and Oneness: The Only Answer to War and Terrorism?
  6. The Art of Channeling and The Anatomy of Spirit
  7. Roots of Consciousness: The River of Connectivity
  8. Inner Strength and Guidance: Crisis as the Adventure of a Lifetime!
  9. Dalai Lama’s Meditation for Millenium Practice
  10. Are We Mystical Weavers?: Challenging the Myths
  11. Medical Intuition: A New Frontier In Health Assessments
  12. What is Fear and Why do We Have Fear?
  13. The Game: An excerpt from “The Game of Life and How to Play It”
  14. Average Enlightenment: Enlightenment As Possibility, Not Fantasy
  15. Who am I? – An Intuition Exercise to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities
  16. An Inspirational Short Story: A Serene Atmosphere to Savor
  17. When Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work: Steps of Positive Thinkers


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