Broken: A Love Story Takes You on a Spiritual Adventure

Author Lisa Jones debuts with a powerful book titled: Broken: A Love Story – Horses, Humans, and Redemption on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

The story unfolds as a biography of a Native American healer and an autobiography of Lisa’s experience woven together as an inspirational spiritual adventure.

There are times when words just won’t do to express what one feels within, even for a writer. This is the best expression of what I feel after reading Broken, A Love Story.

When Words Won’t Do

Picture of Lisa JonesAlthough this is a book that must be experienced, read, and savored by each person on their own I’ll attempt to use words to express my view of this amazing story.

The words that come to mind to describe this rare book are inspirational, moving, deep, and essential. This is a story like no other I’ve read. Told in vivid, alive, and deeply emotional pictures through Jones’ words, Broken, A Love Story takes you on a journey with a woman who re-discovers her soul, her journey in life, and the strength to follow that path.

An Unexpected Transformational Journey

Jones is a writer from Colorado who’s written for The New York Times Magazine, High Country News, and NPR (National Public Radio.)

This book began as Jones innocently began a visit in her old Toyota to a Northern Arapaho Indian Reservation in Wyoming, the Wind River Indian Reservation, for a magazine assignment.

Stanford AddisonShe was going to this forgotten place to meet with Stanford Addison. Little did Jones know this would be the most transformational journeys of her life. A journey that would re-define who she was on many levels.

The original intent of her visit was to write an article on this one of a kind “horse breaker” who possessed a gift for breaking in horses. His method was a gentle one so unlike the traditional hard and forceful breaking of the horses.

Addison’s mystical skill to transform wasn’t limited to horses either. He also had the ability to cure people. From diseases of the body to illness of the soul and mind Addison was sought after by many on The Wind River Indian Reservation (and the world) to fix their ills.

Addison didn’t come by his deep spirituality easily either. As the result of a car accident when he was in his twenties Addison is a quadriplegic, confined to a wheelchair. This accident was the difficult beginning of his own personal transformation which he now embraces and shares with others.

Broken, A Love Story takes you on a journey into the experiences Lisa Jones has with Stanford Addison. This is a relationship rarely found in the modern, Western world.

From Four Days to Four Years

Broken: A Love Story by Lisa JonesExperience her pain, confusion, and own changes as she continues to visit Addison for four years instead of the planned four days. As you read about Addison and Jones you’ll find yourself and parts of your own journey interwoven in the chapters.

Re-discover your inner strength, peace, and mission as you turn the mesmerizing pages of Broken, A Love Story. Understand material poverty in a different light and the true richness of wealthy spirituality.

This 275 hardback book is truly one that stirs the heart and soul. It is full of heartache and pain as well as joy and light.

Discover it for yourself. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book.

Once you read it pass it on to others and watch their lives transform too.

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