Take a Quantum Leap: Matrix Energetics The Science and Art of Transformation

Matrix Energetics The Science and Art of Transformation by Richard Bartlett, D.C, N.D.

For starters, anyone who uses Superman and John of God (The notorious healer from Brazil) as tools to help heal others has my vote. Throw in a quotation or two from Yoda, and they have my heart.

Richard Bartlett seems to be a not so average, average-seeker who not only stumbled upon something amazing; he actually had the courage to try and write it all down. Bravo.

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Expect the Unexpected

Bartlett’s work is shamanic, holographic, otherworldly and intense. His playing field is different than most healers-he goes beyond treating symptoms or specific illness, claiming that this problem/solution approach keeps one stuck in a particular frequency, which usually involves trying to fix something.

From what is commonly called the observer state, Bartlett seems to have mastered what yogis and sages hold so rare and sacred. He basically says that the mere act of observing is enough to shift reality and that “the act of choosing, as they say in quantum physics, collapses all other occurrences into the one event that is consciously chosen” (p. 85).

So, in other words, expect the unexpected.

In order for his methods to be effective, Bartlett points out that the reader has to be willing to give up any expectations in order to get a different result. Throughout the text Bartlett expertly takes the adage “You generally get what you expect out of life” to a whole new level (p. 77).

Matrix Energetics & Quantum Physics

Matrix Energetics is filled with amusing anecdotes, personal accounts of changing perceptions to create a new reality, fascinating case studies and some jaw dropping stories about transformation, time travel, and parallel universes.

The author reassures his readers that once you get to a certain level of consciousness, “non-ordinary reality is not only possible, but becomes second nature” (p.87).

Bartlett’s principles are presented in a very authentic, well-researched manner, and although I learned a little about quantum physics – I.e. what it means to collapse a wave, I wasn’t overwhelmed or bored, in fact, quite the opposite occurred. Bartlett has an engaging style and a keen wit and the text is easy to read and reference.

Matrix Energetics illustrates several of Bartlett’s techniques in detail and if you are the ever-expanded type you might be able to tune into his frequency as you go through the book and understand everything by the second time through. For the rest of us, Bartlett offers a variety of seminars to help participants learn the techniques first hand. A complete schedule is available at Matrix Energetics Seminars.

It would suffice to say that Bartlett’s teachings are ahead of his time: but that would be too easy. Matrix Energetics offers advanced teachings for those who are willing to enter the morphic field where all things are possible.

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  1. Del McKenna says:

    Quanta are different from quantum. Do you know the difference?

  2. Reed says:

    Thank you for the post. I really liked the comment ‘the reader must be willing to give up any expectations in order to get a different result. I think this could be applied to life in general. Interesting stuff and on par with some of the work being done in Theta Healing.

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