Practical Spirituality – Alchemy of the Heart by Michael Brown

The cover tells a bit about what is inside Alchemy of the Heart by the author, Michael Brown, published by Namaste Publishing. Heart-shaped stones provide the cover art, most of granite, but one is a lovely yellow, glowing quartz or other bright stone. The whole book fits this theme of learning how to remove the granite from the heart.

All 190 pages of Brown’s work focus on various aspects of the self. The book is broken into sections rather than chapters, 16 in total plus an Epilogue. Inside each section are short, practical learning experiences. For example, Section One is entitled Real Eyes. Topics covered in this section include Authenticity, Integrity, and intimacy, The Portal, The Blindness, Questions Not Meant To Be Answered and Three Questions. Each of these topics are one short page or, at most, a page and one-half, meant to be read and digested thoroughly before moving on to the next section. This is not a read-it-through book if you want to gain the most from it.

Each topic delves deeply, but very concisely, into something which can be built upon to create a life of love, peace, spirituality, happiness and fulfillment. By reading one topic and adding the skills and suggestions into your life, you can grow. You may want to read that same topic for several days, meditating further on the topic and practicing it daily until you feel comfortable with it before moving on. After all, changing habits and thought patterns require time.

Alchemy of the Heart is full of precious gems. Anyone seeking enlightenment and improved spirituality will find this work to be invaluable. It makes a perfect companion to Michael Browns’ The Presence Process. However, the two books stand alone and you can read Alchemy of the Heart alone and gain vastly from the experience.

Michael Brown’s Alchemy of the Heart is a book you will return to again and again. Even the best of us slip back into old behaviors at times, losing some of our touch with our spirituality by so doing. By returning for a refresher or even simply reading sections which focus on recent events in your life that are causing you distress, you can regain your focus on living the finest life possible.

Buy Alchemy of the Heart for yourself. I’m sure you will then want to give several of these helpful books as gifts to friends or family members who are seeking for that elusive happiness and fulfillment in life. But, you can be certain you will not wish to loan or give your own copy away; it will be valued and well-thumbed volume in your library.

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