A Women’s Guide: The Mindful Woman by Sue Patton Thoele

The newest book by Sue Patton Thoele, Mindful Woman, published by New Harbinger Publications, Inc., is all about ways in which a woman can live a fulfilling, conscious life, enjoying every second. You may know Sue Patton Thoele from her previous work, The Courage to Be Yourself.

In The Mindful Woman, Thoele addresses what constitutes mindfulness as opposed to living on automatic pilot as so many of us do. Consciousness, calmness, simplicity, purposefulness, empowered, openhearted and focused as just a few of the facets of mindful living addressed in Thoele’s work.

In the 219 pages of The Mindful Woman, you won’t find a long, continuous work that you must read all of before implementing mindful techniques into your life. In fact, it is written in short, easy to read segments which each address one area of mindfulness that you can read upon rising and implement that same day.

For example, page 42 and the top two lines of page 43 address of The Mindful Woman “Beginning with Breath” and explains in this short space how improper breathing causes stress and constriction in our lives. There are three short practice instructions to follow which would take you only about two to three minutes to perform, followed by a helpful action to use throughout your day, in this case, “Become aware of your breathe and express gratitude for it.” That’s a pretty simple step toward bringing mindfulness and purpose into your life and learning to live in the now.

Each day, a new short segment is intended to be added to what you have already learned, requiring only a couple of minutes to read and a few minutes to perform the short practices, and something new to add to your day to bring you closer to fully mindful, fulfilled living.

This book is really misnamed in my mind. While women need to learn mindful, aware living, men need to learn these skills just as much. I wish Thoele has chosen to name her work “The Mindful Human”, but perhaps felt that many more women are seeking to do something about their unfulfilled lives, leading to her choice of title.

This is a very helpful womens’ self help book that every woman should have sitting on her bedside table for picking up for a few minutes every morning before getting out of bed. And, every woman who has a man in her life should share this book with him. If you are seeking a personal growth book to give a friend as a gift, this is one work that could truly change a person’s life if they follow the simple, easy directions and practice the newly developed skills in their life. So, pick up a copy for yourself and one or two to give as gifts to your female friends. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on The Mindful Woman by Sue Patton Thoele.

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  1. As a female tarot reader, I found your article very insightful. You should post more often!

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