Beat The Fear of Public Speaking: Story Theater Method by Doug Stevenson

Who needs an 8-CD set and a book like Story Theater Method published by Cornelia Press and authored by Doug Stevenson? The question really should be ‘who DOESN’T need this set?’

The people who can best benefit from this body of work includes anyone seeking public speaking tips, who speaks to other people, whether in formal presentations, marketing, business communications, training sessions, or simply peer-to-peer can learn a great deal about making their communications interesting and effectual. To give you a clue of how Stevenson’s work can help you, the book was originally published with the title “Never Be Boring Again” and, after all, who wants to be boring?

You’ve probably attended a speech or presentation at some point or another in which the speaker presented a rather lame joke as an opening and then went on to present a dry and boring presentation. Usually, within minutes you find your eyelids becoming heavy and your ears seem to cease working. Your internal thoughts, if you aren’t asleep already, take you away from the speaker at hand to some more pleasant venue or you begin thinking about what to prepare for dinner tomorrow evening.

Perhaps you’ve walked into your boss’ office to ask for a raise only to seemingly be unheard. Could it be that you were not presenting the reasons justifying your need for a raise in a way that your boss found engaging and interesting?

Why Doug Stevenson is considered an expert in engaging and fun communications which he has developed into his unique Story Theater Method? For many years, Stevenson has presented to various audiences memorable stories of his life as an entrepreneur in such as way that the audiences are enthralled and hang on every word. Whether discussing sales, motivation, or his own life experiences, Stevenson makes his listeners feel warm, in touch with him, and provides laughter while still presenting a strong message. This is why he is sought as a motivational speaker and keynote speaker for many conferences.

Stevenson’s credits include articles and interviews in many high profile publications such as Investors Business Daily and Selling Power. His client list is impressive also, including companies such as UPS, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Department of Defense, National Association of Realtors, Aetna, and many others. Clearly, Stevenson knows what he is talking about in Story Theater Method as to how to engage audiences and convey important messages in fun and entertaining ways.

Story Theater Method is a great value for the investment. You receive a two CD set that introduces the Story Theater concept. A six CD audio set presents the full Story Theater Method and the accompanying book, also titled Story Theater Method, tops off the collection. The wealth of information contained in this extensive set could simple not be contain in a single book. Also, it is important to hear the material presented in ways which utilize the skills being taught so that you can gauge your personal reaction to the techniques utilized by Stevenson. Even those who are afraid of public speaking are able to move beyond their limitations and have fun doing so while building confidence and self-esteem.

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You may have purchased books or CDs on effective presentations in the past. But do not believe that Story Theater Method is anything like any of those previously purchased or read works. The Story Theater Method is truly a breakthrough that can make you a truly dynamic speaking. Techniques in the 332-page book accompanying the eight CDs teach you how to write, rehearse and perform stories that acts as a bride to your key topic. The entire set teaching you how to use comedy properly in communications as well as adding acting abilities to make your story telling and communications most effective.

The Introduction to Story Theater two CD set gives an overview of what is to come and communicates some of the philosophies Stevenson uses in his speaking such as “emotion is the fast lane to the brain”. The Law of 50 Impressions, four types of language, and intuitive intelligence are other topics covered in this introduction to the full blow Story Theater Method.

The Story Theater Method Audio Six Pack delves deeply into how stories work to improve audience interest, how to select and develop your stories and where to place them in your presentation or communication. It addresses crafting stories which are closely tied to your business or training subject points, and even how to effective add movement and expression to act out your stories. Secrets of how professionals combat pre-presentation nerves and much more is included in this five-plus hour “Coach in a Box” set.

Doug’s method goes far beyond tips for public speaking. If you speak before audiences, large or small, work in sales, marketing, training, or even just talk to other people one-on-one during business communications, you absolutely must have Doug Stevenson’s Story Theater Method in your library; but more importantly, you must have the information contained therein inside your head for ready use every day of your life. If you have a family member or loved one who could use some help with becoming a less-boring communicator, this would make the perfect gift for any occasion.

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