Guitar Instrumental Music CD: Fibonacci’s Dream by Lawrence Blatt

Fibonacci’s Dream, composed and performed by Lawrence Blatt, is unique in many ways. One of these becomes obvious from the moment you first see the album’s cover art.

The beautiful photograph shot by Clint Graves depicts Lawrence Blatt, carrying a guitar and four red flowers, walking along the bay shoreline with the Golden Gate Bridge a short distance away. The back cover repeats the theme with another gorgeous composition showing the Golden Gate minus the human image.

The title of the album comes from Leonardo Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician of the 13th century Italian author who wrote what translates to The Book of Calculations. Music is basically about math and in the works on this album; Lawrence Blatt has worked some of Fibonacci’s math right into the musical compositions. The music is complex, yet beautiful.

Unlike so many so-called New Age albums, this music fits more into the genre of neo-rock in that it is upbeat, rhythmic, and has lots of percussion. It also features Blatt playing “two parts on a single guitar at the same time”. That one I have not quite figured out, but I can tell you the results sound really great. I’d love to see him actually accomplish this task in person someday so I could better understand exactly how it is performed.

All the instruments on the album are played by Blatt and there are a plethora of instruments. The Hawaiian 8-string ukulele, 128-year old bowl back mandolin, and two 10-string guitars from African are worthy of mention because you won’t find those on many albums of any time period.

It is also noteworthy that Fibonacci’s Dream, like all of Blatt’s guitar music, is performed by plucking with the fingertips. No fingernails, guitar picks, or other assistance in strumming the strings is used by Blatt and this creates a unique sound for which only a few other musicians are known.

New Age Guitar Music Fibonacci's DreamBlatt records using complete takes rather than doctoring his music in the studio. This provides each cut with a very live sound rather than excessive overdubbing often applied to music, especially music which calls itself neo-anything.

I can’t recommend Fibonacci’s Dream by Lawrence Blatt strongly enough. It is a great work by a rising musician that we can expect to hear from again and again in the future. Don’t pass this album by for better known artists; if you do, you will really be missing out.

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