Soothing Acoustic Guitar Music: A Time of Innocence CD

A Time of Innocence (CD BABY.COM/INDYS) is the latest new age acoustic guitar album by Keith Driskill. With a touch of folk, the songs on this beautifully performed and arranged album leave listeners feeling uplifted and in a more positive state of mind.

Others who have reviewed A Time of Innocence describe the album as containing music that “captivates and inspires without words,” and can “transport the listener to places and emotions both uncommon and serene.”

Driskill’s album was inspired from his desire to connect listeners to a remembrance of a time when life was a little more simple, a little more pure, and when the world around us was a little more forgiving.

Review of Time of Innocence

Album Cover for A Time of InnocenceDriskill’s new age album A Time of Innocence offers listeners a soundtrack for a relaxing healing session, such as with meditation, or even a relaxing and rejuvenating cup of tea. Driskill’s precise and gentle guitar skills leaves his songs soft and inviting, perfect for anyone wishing to unwind.

“Fireflies,” my favorite track of the album, is a beautiful composition evoking subtle playfulness beneath its chords. Listeners will surely connect with Driskill’s intentions with this track. The title track song, “A Time of Innocence,” is another beloved tune from this album. Listeners’ will close their eyes and drift into a state of reflection.

“Miracle of Forgiveness” is the leading track, and provokes thoughtfulness underneath its slower-paced melody. Another particularly beloved song on A Time of Innocence is “Lover’s Farewell,” a soothing song made up of gentle notes.

Keith Driskill, Healing Guitar Musician

Keith Driskill, Guitar PlayerAt 10 years old, Driskill took up the guitar and has not stopped playing since. Using music as a source of inspiration for all other areas of life, Driskill has himself drawn upon his background from Kentucky, Washington, and now current residence in Utah, to create songs to reflect his appreciation for all aspects of life.

Made for all music lovers, especially for those who truly appreciate finger style acoustic guitar music, A Time of Innocence is an album designed to complement listeners’ periods of relaxation and reflection.

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