Sound Healing Music: Gaia New Age CD by Michael Brant DeMaria

Grammy nominated musician Michael Brant DeMaria presents a stunning collection of “tone poems” and “sound prayers” in his beautiful new age album Gaia (Ontos Music).

Created based on the Gaia hypothesis that the Earth is a living being, DeMaria incorporated his extensive 25 year research on the power of sound healing into this album.

As a soundtrack to accompany Gaia’s journey of spiritual awareness, listeners are exposed to the world of mystery that exists out there, while being comforted by the primal familiarity of DeMaria’s arrangement of exotic instruments.

Gaia Offers Listeners a Journey Around the Globe

DeMaria the MusicianGaia is a texture-rich album giving listeners’ souls a spiritual conditioning. This 14 track disc features a variety of instruments, each one lending to DeMaria’s creative planetary soundtrack. These instruments include flutes—Native American, Chinese xiao, and Japanese shakuhachi to name a few—piano, various percussions, and even the didgeridoo.

Whether listeners are seeking an album with which to meditate or practice other therapeutic rituals or restorative healing practices—like yoga or massage—Gaia offers the perfect musical arrangement. This new age music album features songs that will allow listeners to travel through a rain forest, across the Japanese landscape, and even through the Australian outback.

From the beautiful and haunting sounds of the title track, “Gaia,” through to the last, “Danu,” Gaia offers listeners a rejeuvenating escape. “Tarani” is a fantasy-filled track, while “Ja-ned’a” emits a sense of longing. Listeners will enjoy the exotic feel of “Sarasvati,” and embrace the passion that comprises “Alchera.”

Michael Brant DeMaria: Author, Psychologist, & Musician

Michael Brant DeMaria is an award-winning composer and Grammy nominated artist whose music has hit the #1 position in the music charts. DeMaria has three previous albums, including Ocean, the winner of Best Ambient Album of 2009 and Best Relaxation Album of 2009 by the ZMR Music Awards.

Michael DeMaria's Gaia AlbumHis music has a multi-instrumental flavor, blending all of DeMaria’s musical skills. His artistic works focus on a creative and spiritual intention to provide a healing touch, a passion that stems from his background in psychology (a discipline in which he has his doctorate).

Gaia is his latest new age music CD, and is the third in his Healing Sound Project. DeMaria believes in supporting wellness on many levels, and a portion of the proceeds from Ocean are now going to support wildlife recovery from the Gulf Oil Spill on the coast of Florida, where DeMaria resides.

Gaia is an album rich in beautiful culture, and truly does serve as the perfect soundtrack to our beautiful planet.

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