Therapeutic Sound Healing Drummer Toby Christensen

Toby Christensen creates healing rhythms with the intent to help others connect to both their own internal rhythms, and the greater consciousness of the universe.

Christensen works with the motto “change your rhythm and change your life.”

Through his percussion, Christensen harnesses the energy of the Djembe drum to bring healing into the world.

Listeners can bring his drumming into their own homes through CD’s and an instructional DVD. However, Christensen also travels to teach workshops, lead healing sessions, hold drum circles, and more so that others can experience the effects of his sound healing music in person.

In his music, Christensen combines the ancient African and Native American rhythmic traditions along with modern modalities like Sound Attunement Therapy for extremely beneficial results.

Healing with sound through djembe drumming is definitely a life calling for Toby.

Therapeutic Healing with Djembe Drum

Christensen explains, everything in life moves in cycles and pulses, so it makes perfect sense that we can find therapy through the rhythms of a drum.

Our bodies automatically create their own movements, and we are naturally able to relate to other rhythms in the world on both a conscious and unconscious level. Physically channeling healthy vibration patterns actually helps to keep the mind bright, and the body healthy. The healing power of percussion perhaps connects most deeply with our most powerful muscle, the heart, which we know as the beating aspect of ourselves.

When we listen to or create rhythmic drum patterns with the intention to heal, the nourishing sounds from the instrument create disruption in the unhealthy patterns in our lives. Once we break the flow of negativity, we are able to naturally rebuild more positive rhythms within ourselves.

Toby Christensen Healing Drummer PicChristensen’s discography keeps this idea at its center, though each recording maintains its own specific character. Christensen’s ultimate intention to facilitate sound healing with djembe music remains clear throughout each CD.

Djembe Music as a Meditation Tool

Christensen recorded the “Djembe Heart Meditation” to acquaint others with the ultimate heart of consciousness. As the title suggests, Christensen works with the Djembe drum to send its healing vibrations out into the world. This recording lasts just over twenty minutes, and makes an ideal accompaniment to a meditation session. Sitting quietly with the music, the “Djembe Heart Meditation” really brings to light the pulsing of your own heart center. The experience results in a greater sensation of aliveness, but also a more settled feeling in the body.

“Four Doors Open” takes yet another turn into the world of the Djembe drum. This recording includes four different pieces, each meant to have a different impact on the listener.

Despite the differences between each track, the entire album works well as a cohesive unit as well. The first track is titled “Energy,” and cultivates an uplifting, caffeine-free flow within the body.

Track two, called “Chakra,” sends an opening vibration to each of the chakra centers. As the chakras open, the body finds a sense of balance.

The third track entitled “Peace” offers a stress-reducing musical experience. This track is excellent for a mid-day breather, or right before bed.

Finally, track four brings everything to a celebratory close with “Euphoria.”

The Djembe With Other Instruments

Shaman's Journey DVD Cover“The Shaman’s Journey” also features Christensen on the Djembe. However, this album includes the Native American Hop Drum as well.

Additionally, Aaron Klump joins Christensen on this recording, and contributes piano, vocals, and other instruments. “The Shaman’s Journey” consists of four different tracks, each unique in its own way. The first three tracks include different rhythms using both the Djembe and the Hop Drum. Track four combines the drums with other instruments and vocals, offering a joyful collaboration for listeners.

“The Shaman’s Journey” allows Christensen to explore what he has learned from his studies with the healers of Native American and African tribes. Through the recording, Christensen and Klump successfully cultivate a slightly mysterious yet optimistic musical experience.

“World Unity” is a joyful expression of peace throughout the universe. Through the recording, Christensen reaches out to those who are working towards a more peaceful world, and inspires others to become peacemakers in their own way. Not only does the album celebrate unity among people, but it also calls for cohesiveness with the natural world as well.

While all of music CD’s created by Toby Christensen provide enjoyment, “World Unity” feels like the most fun. Christensen proves that peace and positivity are not only good for the world, but also for the soul.

Learn to Play the Djembe to Your Own Rhythm

In order to help others express their personal vibrations, Christensen released an instructional Djembe DVD.

5 Elements Djembe Drum LessonsThe “Five Element Drumming” DVD provides the necessary lessons for anyone to grab a drum, and create their own rhythms. He discusses the Djembe techniques, but also the philosophy behind the tradition. Throughout the DVD, Christensen offers interesting anecdotes about each of the five elements; earth, mineral, fire, nature, and water. Each element has a rhythm representative of its power. By focusing a drum session on a particular element, others can channel the healing potential of that element.

Christensen’s instructions are both clear and inspiring. He provides ample opportunity for practice in between each lesson, and even includes an accompanying CD for further exploration of the rhythms and healing with sound.

Welcoming Christensen’s Rhythms into Your Life

Though a live drumming experience is not to be missed, Christensen makes rhythmic sound healing available to everyone through his recordings.

The different albums serve a number of different purposes. Each makes a great tool for meditation music using the rhythms permeate the deepest layers of our soul. Additionally, Christensen’s djembe music makes an ideal accompaniment to bodywork and movement routines. Try letting the Djembe move you through a yoga practice, or massage therapy session.

Christensen’s music also invites listeners to grab their own drum, and join him in the expression. Play along with his recordings, and see where the rhythm of your being takes you.

If you are in need of inspiration, or are just curious about the power of rhythmic drumming, try Christensen’s work. Lift the spirits, and turn over a new stone as you become more familiar with your own rhythms and the rhythms of the greater world with Christensen as your guide.

Click to learn more about > Toby Christensen’s Djembe Music CDs and 5 Elements DVD Drum Lessons

Enjoy a Healing Drumming Presentation with Toby



Click to learn more about > Toby Christensen’s Djembe Music CDs and 5 Elements DVD Drum Lessons

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