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The Chinese Zodiac functions by assigning animals to each year in a 12-year cycle. The Chinese signs are further grouped into five more elements of wood, fire, earth, gold and water repeating in a 60 year cycle. The Chinese signs include the animals of rat, tiger, ox, rabbit, snake, dragon, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

The birth year is important for it determines a lot about you. Born a rat and you are likely to be clever, a tiger and your leadership qualities would be more pronounced. Your disposition, compatibility even destination could somehow be influenced by your animal sign. If curious how, then you can check out at Chinese Astrology online.


The Chinese Zodiac Story:

The Chinese Zodiac Story is as amusing as it is revealing of the qualities of the animals. The story started when the Emperor Jade decided to choose animals to be his guards. Therefore, he sent an immortal to our world. The rule being that whichever animal crossed the heavenly gate first would have their ranks correspondingly.

Now the rat being an early riser gets up early and sets off. On his way, he encounters a river that he can’t cross on his own. Therefore he jumps on the back of an Ox who he finds is also on the same destination. The Ox crosses the river very carefully. Though diligent, he is not as clever as the rat- who hops off the ox to hold the first position in the race, and the ox has to contend for second.

Being competitive and fast, the rabbit and the tiger are the strongest contenders in this race. Only the tiger is more competent. Therefore, the tiger comes in third while the rabbit fourth.

The king easily notices the dragon because he is beautiful. He comes in fifth, and his son could have taken the sixth position had it not been for the crafty snake who said “the dragon is my father”. Therefore, he comes in sixth.

In this fierce competitive environment, there were some kind and gentle animals as well. The horse and the goat offered each other to cross the gate first, valuing modesty over competition. The emperor was impressed and the horse and the goat came in seventh and eight positions.

While the monkey had fallen way behind, but somehow he managed to grab the ninth position by jumping trees and stones. The other three animals to reach the gates were Rooster, Dog and Pig who came in tenth, eleventh and twelfth positions respectively.


Put them in any environment and they will come through it with grace. They are extremely sharp and resourceful. They are curious, so they are always trying new things and expanding their frontiers of experience.

They make lots of friends but they are seldom into deep relationships. Their personality is very attractive, that’s why they are surrounded with people mostly. They make friends easily, but just as easily can they break off the friendship.


They are courageous and self-confident. Their disposition is mostly attractive and pleasing to others, but sometimes they could give themselves to their emotions and be a nuisance for others.

They are leader-like and resourceful. Stubborn in their decisions, they are extremely competent and they do not fear expressing their opinions.

Tigers like to be dominant in relationships. They are less likely to coordinate but more likely to lead or be in commanding roles.


They are industrious, hardworking and dependable. They have strong ideals and values and driven by that rather than other people. Ox women are faithful wives who spend all their energies on taking care of their children.

Often the real life falls short of their ideals, therefore they are lonely usually, and prefer their own solitude. That’s why they are not good communicators.


They are the gentlemanly figures. They handle people with kindness, gentleness, and elegance of manner. When they face any problem, they rarely get bogged down and solve it in a persistent manner.

They are good on the social scale owing to their gentility and consideration towards others.


A Dragon is the most powerful animal in the Chinese calendar. Confident and intelligent, dragon-year-born like to take risks and challenges, and improve by that way. They could be aggressive sometimes just like angry dragons.

They are generally very cautious in starting a relationship with anyone because they expect a relationship to last a long time. But when they do get in a relationship, they are very generous and kind to their loved ones.


It is difficult to know people born in the snake year, for they are private and secretive but undoubtedly very wise and intelligent. Though they talk less, they are great thinkers.

They are not great at making friends. They usually prefer solitude. It is difficult to find what is inside their minds, for they do not show or express their feelings often.


People in horse category are extremely lively and energetic people. They love parties, concerts, events, meetings etc. They love to be among the crowd.

They have a knack for putting people at their ease. Also, they are very easy to talk to. That is why they usually have a lot of friends.


They are gentle and sympathetic towards others. Although they may appear weak on the outside, but they are very strong from the inside. Also they are very resilient in nature.

They are less likely to share things with others, which is why they do not have a lot of friends. It takes time and patience to actually get to know them.


Sharp and clever are their defining features. Their ingenuity and creativity makes their renown. Although they could be naughty sometimes and they could play tricks on people. This can hurt others, though they may not intent it to be.

They are easily bored with people, but generally they love to talk and make friends.


Roosters enjoy the crowd as much as the crowd enjoys them. That’s why they are outspoken, chatty, open and kind.

They are the most energetic when they are in a crowd. They enjoy being the center of attention, though sometimes they could be a little vain and ostentatious.


They are very nice and agreeable. Loyalty and honesty are their defining features, especially with their loved ones for whom they will do anything in their power.

They are not good communicators therefore they give the impression of a head-strong personality even though they are not.


People in this category are industrious, kind and generous. They are a symbol of dedication: once they decide to do anything, they will do it with their full concentration. Suspicion is rarely in their nature, so they readily believe anything and never suspect trickery or deception from others.


Usually they are very calm, handling any problem without making a great fuss. Their sense of responsibility is very acute.

As you must have noticed, some animals are gentle others are fierce, some social others reclusive and some polite while others aggressive. That is what we mean when we say some people are less compatible with others and some are more compatible with others. Find out more about your compatibility with others at Chinese Astrology online.

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