Ann Sweeten Piano Music: Just This Side of Spring

Produced by Will Ackerman and Ann Sweeten, Just This Side of Spring, Sweeten’s newest album, was released by Orange Band Records.

Ann Sweeten’s past releases include: Prism, Passage, Reflections, Christmas Presence, Sapphire Days, A Place in the Sun, and Grey Sky and Bittersweet.

Each title on this beautiful CD represents a tribute to Ann’s piano muse: her beautiful Siberian Husky who died of cancer.

The following review offers a glimpse of what you will soon appreciate when you add Just This Side of Spring to your piano music collection.

Just This Side of Spring by Ann Sweeten

Ann Sweeten Just This Side of SpringJust This Side of Spring is a poetic piano composition by Ann Sweeten in tribute to her beloved dog, Nikki. Join Sweeten in a musical journey as she explores love, life, loss, and renewal. Not only are these life phases reflected in the seasons, Sweeten uses Just This Side of Spring to musically explore them all.

With ten cleverly composed and beautifully orchestrated tracks, Just This Side of Spring shares Sweeten’s own personal journey of her loss of her Siberian Husky, Nikki, to cancer, as well as her own second diagnosis of breast cancer.

Despite the obvious pain, trials, and loss that Sweeten is clearly experiencing as a result of these two direct hits from devastating cancer in her own personal life, the tracks on this CD are far from sad or dark.

A Quiet, Dignified Journey Through Life

Filled with majestic, quiet beauty, Just This Side of Spring is a perfect musical accompaniment to any time of the day when you want a slower, calmer, and relaxed pace. As Sweeten’s fingers play with talent across the piano keys, the space in one’s home, room, or car are filled with a magical and peaceful glow and mood.

The titles, quietness, and gentleness of this CD show the reflective, contemplative and grateful mood that Sweeten experienced as she not only mourned the loss of sweet Nikki, but also faced her own second battle with cancer.

The liner notes of the CD are a personal recollection from Sweeten herself about her journey within this musical creation and all that her life encompassed during that time–and her continued journey through this sometimes bittersweet life we all are a part of today.

Uniquely Sweeten’s Sound

Ann Sweeen Album Cover for Just This Side of SpringSweeten is an experienced pianist who knows well how to blend classical, New Age, and jazz together to form a harmonious melody that floats through the air, tantalizing your body, mind, and soul.

Just This Side of Spring is Sweeten’s eightn album. She also has two additional Italian compilations.

Her CDs find themselves repeatedly at the top of the charts due to her unique approach that joins the varied musical styles in a perfect marriage of music for all to enjoy.

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