Interview with Kay Snow-Davis, Author of Gateways To The Soul

In 2010, beloved astrologer Kay Snow-Davis passed on from this world. Those of us at were fortunate to have known her personally and to have gained from her insights and compassionate and loving presence.

The following interview offers a glimpse into one of Snow-Davis’s last books that she co-authored, titled Gateways To The Soul.

This helpful resource is a guide for astrologers and those interested the topic.

Interview With Kay Snow-Davis

Carol Bardelli: Hi Kay. Your book, Gateways To The Soul by Kay Snow-Davis and Margaret Koolman, deals with astrology in a highly insightful manner. I’ve read dozens of astrology books over the years and your book stands out. I felt it spoke directly to me, as if the authors knew me personally. How did you accomplish this feat?

Kay Snow-Davis: I am happy to hear this Carol, as that was our intention. When it became clear to Margaret and I, on Kauai, that we were co-authoring a book combining our 60 years experience, the first thing we did was ask for guidance.

Smiling Ms. Snow-DavisWe came together three times a week and always opened our hearts and minds to have the highest and clearest information come through to us.

Margaret is amazing.  She would type on the computer and record the information that came to my consciousness. And then I would ask her for further input, and she would receive and receive and type her information at the same time.

We really feel that we have been blessed to be messengers of this information, not the originators.

Carol: You state in your book that when each of us is born all of our cells are imprinted with our soul’s purpose. Yet so many people seem to live aimlessly these days. How can we get in touch with our soul’s purpose for this life?

Kay: Yes, Carol, so many do seem to be living an aimless, harmful, or reactionary life these days. This is not our naturalness.

When we are born and all of our cells are filled with our soul purpose, we have what I call a pure consciousness: we see this in our precious babies. This pure consciousness continues to live in every cell in our body throughout our lifetime.

What happens is that the conscious mind—the frontal lobe of the brain—is a trainable part of our brain, and it gets trained into a smaller consciousness through learning a language, numbers, cultural beliefs, family and social patterns, etc.

The pure consciousness has not disappeared; it has been displaced or over-shadowed. So we begin to believe what we think and have learned as academics that “this is all there is.” This generates a huge split in our wholeness and balance.

Every cell in our body is living, breathing, and existing according to the universal laws for life on this Earth, and our mind has learned to minimize and create an illusionary reality and “believe it is true.” This causes a great split in our resonance field in our body. When our conscious mind and our cellular energetic bodies are not in resonance, this is called, and will be demonstrated as, stress on many levels in our life.

This is the true cause of stress. And then life exacerbates this with additional incoherent actions, behavior, and attitudes by millions caught in the same mental prison of collective consciousness—or unconsciousness, really.

I believe this conundrum is similar to when the collective believed the idea that the world was flat. It never was, yet people were killed because they represented or spoke of another reality.

ConsciousnessWe are in a similar situation now. We are pure consciousness, shadowed and minimized by immense beliefs systems generated by academics, socialization, religion, cultural beliefs, personal fears and experiences, etc.

Today’s chaos is symptomatic of our pure consciousness seeking release from the collective mental and emotional prison.

The way out is in. Inside each and every one of us live 50–70 trillion cells in harmony with the universal laws, still resonating in pure consciousness. This innate power of divine order is calling each one of us to conscious recognition of “who we really are.”

The stress of life is our birthing contractions, assisting to expel us from the womb of unconsciousness and release us to the world of truth, the universal laws that support all life on this planet, and probably in many other ways that we do not even perceive.

If we want to reclaim our soul purpose direction and agreements, we must know that the primary roadblock/detour is generated and sustained in our conscious mind as perceptions, beliefs, attitude, and actions demonstrated in our daily [lives].

This is not a new phrase:  Change your thinking, change your life.

In our world of complexity and confusion, this seems entirely too simplistic. Therefore, how could it possibly be valid? What about that old phrase: No pain, no gain?

This is where the adventure begins . . . just give it a try . . . change your thinking, change your perception, and witness what happens to your reality.

What we can recognize, we can direct. What we can feel, we can heal.

Carol: Most all daily horoscopes focus only on our sun signs, and this is a source of guidance in our daily living. But knowing your birth chart is a superior way to know yourself on a deeper level. How vital do you feel it is for individuals to explore themselves and their birth chart with the purpose of exploring their soul blueprint, as explained in Gateways To The Soul?

Kay: Yes, Carol, sun sign astrology is one window of awareness into the brilliance each person is. Without the whole picture of the soul purpose blueprint, each individual will not see/experience their naturalness and their own divine agreement while on this planet.

I feel it is our biggest commitment in life, to live our soul purpose while here on Earth. There is no stand in, no Xerox copy. We are the original version, and if we do not fulfill our agreement, there is what the Hawaiian’s say a “puka,” [or] a hole, in the divine plan with the Earth.

Water and Sky as Conscious LifeMy heart’s desire is to have everyone awaken/remember their pure consciousness, and live and move and make their life choices from that place. This would in fact introduce the golden age. This would be an ending-of-the-world as we have known it—stress, struggle, war, grief, horror, terrorism, etc.

So I feel at this time of transformation on the planet and to support the evolution of all life, each and every one of us needs to take ownership of our soul purpose, and live out our soul blueprint every day in the best way we know in each and every moment.

Life depends on this, and the future for our children as well.

Carol: Exploring my birth chart through reading your book was a powerful experience that reconnected me to my personal strengths and challenges. I felt my soul had unique purpose and my life had valuable meaning beyond the grind of daily life. Has it been your experience that your book resonates with most readers in this way?

Kay: Yes, Carol, this seems to be what is happening for the reader—of which, Margaret and I are deeply humbled and grateful, since this is our heart’s desire for each person.

You know, we are so inundated from conception on with the vibration of “something is wrong with us,” generated as a collective consciousness previously touched upon, so no one needs to hear more about this. This kind of thinking is so collectively pervasive I consider it being mentally programmed out of our pure consciousness.

Truth is a resonating field, like a tuning fork for the note of C: when you hear it, see it, feel it, it is clear and your inner knowing responds vibrationally. This is what happens when a reader uses Gateways To The Soul: they recognize themselves vibrationally.

This book is an invitation, an opportunity to remember and reclaim what your trillions of cells already know: You are a divine being of the light, no matter what!

We need daily reminders to substantiate this truth and to encourage our programmed conscious minds to let go of the perceived illusions, and release and regain our sanity by aligning and living on this planet in our pure consciousness, the divine plan for all life.

Kay Snow-Davis, Author and Astrologer

Kay Snow-Davis was a specialist as a soul purpose astrologer. Her inspirational approach to astrology made her in demand as a speaker. Her innate wisdom in the field of personal and spiritual development made her unique among the astrology world. With more than 30 years of experience, she gained international recognition through her seminars, and she guest starred nationally on both radio and television.

Snow-Davis’ teachings are based on intuition and life experiences. Her services extended to educational programs in prisons, crisis coordination as a trained facilitator in Alternatives to Violence, and as a Vision Quest facilitator in the Wyoming wilderness area. As regional coordinator on the island of Kauai after Hurricane Iniki, Snow-Davis participated as founder or co-founder of several corporations in the United States, all associated with spiritual or humanistic development.

Gateways To The Soul

Snow-Davis' Gateways To The SoulSnow-Davis facilitated presentations for many corporations and organizations, including: Wells Fargo Bank, Suzuki International Annual Leadership Training, International Capital Partners, Johan Construction staff and management training, and the Business and Professional Women of America. She was the president of Global Family Education Center. Snow-Davis authored Point of Power: A Relationship With Your Soul and Wheel of Life Cycles: The Power of Love to Heal Your Life. Snow-Davis co-authored with Margaret Koolman, an English astrologer, Gateways to the Soul: Heart of Astrology.

To learn more, visit Amazon > Gateways To The Soul

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