Resonance by Takashi Suzuki: Soothing and Ambient New Age Album

The debut album by Takashi Suzuki, Resonance (Calm Radio) is a tranquil new age soundtrack.

Listeners of Resonance will appreciate its relaxation-inducing melodies and dreamy compositions.

The reflective and calming aspects of Suzuki’s album are what make this album an excellent musical accompaniment to many different healing arts, such as massage, yoga, or meditation.

Musician and Artist

Takashi Suzuki spent the majority of his professional life as an architect. With a curiosity in fine arts, he studied sculpting in London and eventually took a teaching job at the Chelsea School of Art and Design. Several of his artistic pieces have been shown in exhibits around Europe and in Japan.

With his artistic side fully engaged, Suzuki revisited some musical compositions he wrote when he was younger. This inspired him to compose more musical pieces, this time with an electronic-infused style. After his demo tracks got successful radio play, Suzuki created his first full-length album, Resonance.

The Floating Feeling of Resonance

Takahi Suzuki Album ResonanceResonance is a beautiful 10 track album with each song melting into the next, thus creating the feeling that the entire album is one musical piece. “Resonance in Blue 1” through “Resonance in Blue 10” feature gentle rhythms that create a sensation of floating through its melodies. With synthesizers, pianos, subtle choir voices, and orchestral additions, Resonance is a serene and meditative album.

Each song was started and completed before Suzuki began the next. In this sense, each track inspires the next. “Resonance in Blue 3” is a warm and relaxing song that includes very subtle underlying rhythmic beats. Suzuki added the vague incorporation of the flute in “Resonance in Blue 4.”  “Resonance in Blue 10” is a soft composition that closes the album peacefully.

New age album Resonance is a beautiful and soothing instrumental album that creates a healing and reflecting ambience for those using this soundtrack for massage therapy or yoga practice. It’s also fully appreciated when played as a tranquil soundscape for periods of relaxation or reflection.

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