Take a Journey with the Mercuria New Age Music Project

Journey is the first album of the Mercuria project that is written, arranged, performed, and produced by Sascha Beselt.

Sascha Beselt is a German-based musician exploring a variety of different types of music including jazz, new age, world, rock, blues, and metal.

In fact, Beselt says the following of his musical endeavors:

As a musician, but also as a musicologist, my view on music is tolerating to the most extreme. I never limit myself. From time to time I try to explore new things.

Beautifully Arranged New Age Album

Journey Album CoverJourney is a project that encompasses the new age sector of music that is also perfect for meditation or to accompany a yoga session. This easy to listen to, tranquil CD takes the listener on a journey into the quiet surrender of peace and joy.

You will hear mystical sounds of Arabia and notes that will take you to the Asian hemispheres and in between. Instrumentals of soulful guitars and piano will delight your ears and move you on your own inner journey.

The arrangement on this CD is truly as the name suggests: a journey into the world of new age music. With its soft melodies and quiet, peaceful tunes, the first track, “Beyond All Skies,” takes the listener on a musical endeavor that is the perfect accompaniment to a leisurely day or evening.

The third track, “Into Equilibrium,” gives the listener a true feeling of peace and balance with its gentle tune and peaceful complementary background sounds.

Take a Moment and Listen

I also liked the final track, track number seven, “Emerald Heart.” This song, which is more than nine minutes long, wraps up the complete CD experience with a tranquil melody that gives the listener a feeling of deep peace.

After listening to Mercuria’s Journey and noticing how it can transform your mood to one of peace and leisure, we invite you to learn more about Sascha Beselt’s new age music style and other projects by Mercuria.

Click here to learn more > Sascha Beselt Music, or email directly to: beselt@web.de for more information.

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