New Age Album Review: Journey Around The Sun by Bill Wren and Frank Ralls

Journey Around The Sun: A Mayan Odyssey (Ponder Dust) is a new age album receiving praise and airplay worldwide.

Bill Wren and Frank Ralls present listeners with this instrumental concept album that connects the present to the ancient Mayans, where each beautiful song is a point along the journey, blending easily into the next.

For fans of well-orchestrated music and emotionally engaging soundtracks, Journey Around The Sun is the next musical adventure to listen to.

A Musical Mayan Adventure

The 14 songs take listeners from the brief album introduction of “Winter Solstice 2012”—a stunning piano and flute combination—all the way through to a feeling of “Eternal Hope,” the closing track featuring a calm and serene orchestration.

New Age Album Journey Around The SunJourney Around The Sun is difficult to discuss song by song because of the Mayan adventure concept. Each track contributes successfully to the whole. Title track “Journey Around The Sun” is an inspirational melody with smooth guitar features and gentle synthesizers undertones. This leads into “Apocalypse,” with rhythmic percussions and bold horns overlaid with delicate flute and piccolo. “The Lost City of Maya” is a mysterious track that opens with precise violin before merging with percussion and synth to give listeners an exotic experience.

The musical abilities of Wren and Rolls are exceptional, and it is no wonder that the album has reached the number spot on the New Age Music Chart. As a whole, Journey Around The Sun is a relaxing new age album that complements moments of reflection or meditative practices.

New Age Journey

Wren has always been fascinated with the advanced Mayan civilization, which sparked the idea for this album. Teaming up with Ralls, the two have been able to express the Mayan ideas of exploration and discovery using a talented orchestral team. Wren and Ralls have previously worked together on One Day In A Life (CDBY).

Journey Around The Sun is a complex and instrumentally diverse album with global sounding compositions. By blending such instruments as whistles, violins, guitars, trumpets, and more, listeners are treated to a fusion of Celtic, Middle Easter, Spanish, and Western music.

To hear song samples, please click > Journey Around The Sun: A Mayan Odyssey by Bill Wren and Frank Ralls

Road To Chicken Itza Music Video

To hear song samples, please click > Journey Around The Sun: A Mayan Odyssey by Bill Wren and Frank Ralls

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