Hypnotic Therapy: Free Course Teaches Hypnosis Basics

If you’ve ever wanted to be trained in hypnosis or just have a natural curiosity to know more about it Hypnosis Downloads has an offer you just can’t refuse.

Hypnosis Downloads, co-founded by Roger Elliot of England, is now offering a free 5 lesson hypnosis course to teach the layperson the basics of hypnosis.

I’ve always had a mild interest into this curious phenomenon so I decided since it was completely free I’d give it a try.

Learn the Basics of Hypnosis for Free

The 5 series course was a comprehensive introduction into the mysterious world of hypnosis.

Utilizing a mixture of mediums including text, audio, and written exercises Hypnosis Downloads gives a no nonsense, straightforward course to help you learn hypnosis.

The first part of the course teaches the student exactly what hypnosis is and what it isn’t.

Then the student goes directly into practice activities to put theory into action. I really liked this about the course.

It’s not just a free course with some text you can find on Wikipedia explaining hypnosis. Hypnosis Downloads gives you solid information along with practical exercises to do that will really help solidify the information you’re learning.

Executing a Hypnosis Session

Free Learn Hypnosis CourseYou learn exactly how to plan and execute a hypnosis session as well as use the sessions to focus on specific goals.

The program will tell you each step you need to take to become familiar with this model for making desired changes.

One of the parts I really found helpful was the accompanying audio lesson that comes with each written lesson.

The audios range from ten to fifteen minutes and complement what you’ve read. I found this approach helpful to re-enforce what I’d read.

The combination of the written lessons, the exercises, and the audio result in a comprehensive course on hypnosis that incorporates a variety of learners.

Is There a Catch?

Although the company does recommend purchasing several of the programs that you have to pay for, they aren’t pushy about it.

They provide plenty of information on the basics so the reader can really learn more about it and then decide if they want more hypnosis training. The course was full of useful information about hypnosis for a beginner or just the casual reader.

Anyone who’s interested in learning more about self-hypnosis, hypnosis scripts, hypnotic trance work, or performing a hypnosis session should check out this free program before they decide to purchase anything on hypnotic therapy. The information will help the reader to know if they want to learn more about this helpful consciousness tool.

To learn more, visit > Hypnosis Downloads Free Course

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To learn more, visit > Hypnosis Downloads Free Course

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